The Flash Gets A New Suit in 'The Once and Future Flash' Promo

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on The Flash ahead.]


Savitar has been a formidable enemy for Barry and the team in season 3 of The Flash. The self-proclaimed "God of Speed" has proven indestructible as he has tricked, manipulated, and defeated our heroes time and again. As the episodes have progressed, the future where Barry witnessed Iris being killed by Savitar seems more and more inevitable.

The latest bit of hope came in episode "Abra Kadabra", when the titular trickster from the future baited Team Flash with his knowledge of Savitar's true identity. Trying to bargain with a villain rarely works out well, however, and Barry was once again left with no information on how to save his fiancée's life. While fans probably weren't surprised at the scarlet speedster's resulting epiphany, the rulers of the Speed Force probably won't be pleased with The Flash's solution to this latest setback.

As we can see in the promo above for upcoming episode "The Once and Future Flash", Barry decides to travel forward in time to capitalize on future knowledge of who Savitar is. He encounters his older self, a long-haired and seemingly somber Flash who nonetheless appears to have a flashier, updated red and gold suit.

While the overall style of red leather with gold lighting bolt trim remains the same, there are more pronounced metallic accents on the sleeves, as well as a gold belt replacing the traditional red. The promo for 'The Once and Future Flash' confirms that tech genius Cisco is still alive and well (relatively speaking) by the time the year 2024 rolls around, so it's also possible the suit enhancements aren't merely aesthetic.

The future doesn't look too sunny otherwise, with a glimpse of Wally in a wheelchair and Caitlin still in full taunting, Killer Frost mode. As to be expected on The Flash, it seems that jumping to the future and discovering Savitar's real name is not going to be as easy as it sounds. Since the next episode doesn't air for another month, fans are going to be hoping we finally get that promised big reveal, especially as Killer Frost has echoed what the EP and cast have previously teased about the Big Bad Savitar: "You are going to be so surprised when you find out."

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The Flash returns with "The Once and Future Flash" on Tuesday, April 25 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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