The Flash is in Danger of Falling to His Death in New Trailer

Spoilers for those not caught up on The Flash

Barry might be falling to his death in the trailer for "Null and Annoyed,"  the next episode of The Flash. The Thinker may not be a speedster like Reverse-Flash, Zoom, or Savitar, but he's still been one step ahead of Barry all season. And with all the bus metas identified and most of them killed, time is running out for Team Flash.

Now that Melting Point was discovered in "Run Iris Run," there are only two metas left to be found, though at least the team knows their names. Still, the Thinker's endgame is close at hand. What that means for Central City and Team Flash - especially Ralph - is not yet clear. Whatever they're up against, The Flash and his friends have their work cut out for them in the next few weeks as they try to find a way to outthink The Thinker.


In the trailer for upcoming episode "Null and Annoyed" - now released by The CW - another metahuman needs to be stopped by Team Flash. It's not clear whether she was on the bus or if she got her powers another way. What is clear, though, is that if Team Flash doesn't stop her, Barry could end up falling to his death.

Based on the title, and a previously released character description of a jewel thief who can manipulate gravity, it looks like The Flash is facing off with Null in this episode. And that she will be using her powers both to make him fly, and then to make him fall. Also worth noting is the return of Elongated Man to the field after Ralph let his fear of The Thinker keep him underground for a few weeks. Ralph's trademark humor also returns, which has largely gone into hiding recently in spite of the fact that in the trailer he claims to make jokes when he is scared.

Aside from the arrival of Null there's plenty to look forward to in the episode. It was directed by fan favorite Kevin Smith, who will appear in the episode alongside Jason Mewes. Meanwhile, The Thinker's plan may be nearing its completion. With the potential help of Melting Point and Harry's new thinking cap both assisting Team Flash, for the first time it looks like they might be able to fight their newest enemy on equal footing. The only question now is whether or not The Thinker predicted these events coming and has a plan to outthink Harry and stop Melting Point from taking his powers. Though of course, none of that will matter if the team can't find a way to stop Null from dropping The Flash for good.


The Flash continues on the CW with "Null and Annoyed" on Tuesday, April 10 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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