The Flash: New Killer Frost Costume in ‘I Know Who You Are’ Photos

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Now that Caitlin Snow has once again broken bad as Killer Frost, new photos from next week's The Flash show she's upgraded her look as well. Most recently, Barry decided to take a proper journey to the future in the hopes of getting some insight into who Savitar's true identity. And while the glimpse of the dark world that follows Iris' death was fascinating, there's still plenty of trouble back at home. The latest trailer and synopsis revealed next Tuesday's 'I Know Who You Are' will not only deal with exploring Savitar's identity, but Caitlin's new one as well.

Since her turn to evil that comes with her powers, Killer Frost is back in a big way. While the team are struggling to deal with Savitar, they'll have to contend with their former friend as well. There's no telling what the rest of the season will bring for the original Team Flash member, but her immediate future looks to spell trouble for all of our heroes. And now that she's officially back on the dark side, it looks like she's decided to get a new costume to match her change in alignment.

The CW (via Screen Crush) released a batch for photos for next week's episode. The images not only provide a look at Frost's new duds, but get a tease for the plot. Check them out in the gallery below:

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The new look is highly detailed, with bits of fur running throughout, though Caitlin certainly doesn't need them to stay warm. All in all, it's another sign of how exquisitely crafted the costumes are on The Flash. It also means Cisco isn't the only super-tailor in Central City. Speaking of Vibe, he's back in costume, preparing for his fated battle with Frost. The images also show new character Tracy Brand (played by Anne Dudek), and it appears Joe's girlfriend Cecile is being held hostage.

In an interview with TVLine, it was revealed the threat of harm to Cecile won't be the only thing worrying Joe. While speaking about the upcoming episode, Jesse L. Martin said Joe and Cecile will be have some domestic issues as well:

“We have a little situation where she said the magic words and Joe wasn’t able to say the magic words back.”

Outside of the romance, Killer Frost won't be going away anytime soon. In two weeks, Frost will pop back up and make an interesting proposal to the team. Likely, it'll be in an effort to help them stop Savitar, so hopefully that means they'll all be able to work together moving forward. That is, unless Killer Frost lives up to her name.

The Flash season 3 continues next Tuesday with ‘I Know Who You Are’ @8pm on The CW.

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Sources: The CW (via Screen Crush),  TV Line

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