Every Easter Egg & DC Reference In The Flash Museum

The Flash Flash Museum Gift Shop

In "Memorabilia," Barry and Iris enter into their daughter Nora's memories of the Flash Museum after her consciousness becomes lost while using Sherloque Wells' Memory Machine. The first thing they see as they follow a young Nora through her memories is the gift shop of the Flash Museum. It is here that we see two boys playing, hitting each other with stuffed animals - a gorilla and a shark. Their dialogue is garbled but the names Grodd and King Shark can be understood, foreshadowing the upcoming battle between the two meta-animal villains.

"The Death of Vibe" offered an in-depth view of the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains. Thankfully, a sign in the hallway notes that Barry Allen's allies are also recognized and the museum has a Hall of Heroes honoring The Flash's friends as well. The gift shop also has a coffee bar, which doubtlessly sells the custom hero and villain themed drinks that have been profiled at C.C. Jitters over the course of The Flash's run.

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The Flash Barry Allen In The Flash Museum Gift Shop

As a flabbergasted Barry begins looking at all the merchandise based on his superheroic alter ego, we hear a voice introducing himself as Dexter Myles and welcoming everyone to the Flash Museum, "where history is on the run!" Nora West-Allen made reference to Dexter Myles being the curator of the Flash Museum in her time in the season 5 premiere.

In the comics, Dexter Myles was an out-of-work, classically-trained Shakespearean actor, who helped The Flash stop a bank robbery in The Flash #138. When the Flash Museum was introduced into the comics two years later in The Flash #154, Barry Allen paid it forward and recommended Myles for the job of the museum's curator. It was a role which the actor threw himself into with enthusiasm and based on the boisterous tone of the voice we hear, it would seem that the Arrowverse's version of Dexter Myles has a theatrical background as well.

The Flash Barry Allen With Bobblehead in The Flash Museum

To Barry's delight, there is a wide variety of Flash swag with his picture on it, including "Flash toys and Flash phones and Flash rings." Most of what we see in the shop is real-world The Flash merchandise, including lanyards, badge-holders, coffee mugs, balloons, balls, tumblers, costumes, t-shirts, hats and action figures (we can see animated versions of Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Green Lantern on the side of one action figure's packaging). When an already-weary Iris asks if this is going to go to his head, Barry holds up a Flash bobble-head and cutely says that it just might.

The Flash Comic Book Easter Eggs In The Flash Museum

Naturally, the Flash Museum sells comic books based on the Flash's exploits and the episode works a few clever Easter Eggs into the books we see. The young Nora is seen reading a copy of The Flash #172 - the second issue of the comics in which Cicada appeared and the first one in which The Flash faced Cicada directly. A rack briefly visible over Barry's shoulder is filled with copies of the second printing of The Flash #1 from the recent DC Rebirth revival series. We also see The Flash #39 from the current Rebirth series, whose cover proclaims that "Grodd Is Back!" - likely another bit of foreshadowing regarding the Grodd Vs. King Shark episode.

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