Every Easter Egg & DC Reference In The Flash Museum

The Flash Museum Easter Eggs

The Flash season 5 has featured an amazing number of Easter Eggs hidden within the attractions of The Flash Museum of 2032. "The Death of Vibe" opened up with a flash-forward which gave viewers the first glimpse at how the famous tribute to The Fastest Man Alive will appear in the future of Arrowverse, through the eyes of a young Nora West-Allen. The twelfth episode of the season, "Memorabilia," offered more information on season 5's chief villain Cicada while showcasing the features of The Flash Museum's gift shop.

First appearing in The Flash #154 in August 1965, The Flash Museum was created by the people of Central City as a tribute to their home-town superhero. The museum has appeared in several incarnations over the years, usually with a gold statue of The Flash out in front of it. The museum has been a frequent site for supervillain battles, usually enemies of The Flash out to desecrate his memory. As a result, the building has been rebuilt several times over the years, but the golden statue of The Flash has remained a constant. It's been teased multiple times in The CW show, and now has been properly seen.

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The statue of The Flash is the first thing shown in "The Death of Vibe" in the opening shot of the episode. It is here that it's revealed that the STAR Labs building becomes the site of the Flash Museum in the future of the Arrowverse. Sadly, there wasn't a tour of the entire museum, but The Flash did show the entirety of The Hall of Villains.

The Flash Villains Costume Displays From The Flash Museum

The exterior walls of The Hall of Villains are lined with displays devoted to the costumes of some of The Flash's enemies. These include the yellow suit of Reverse Flash (with taychon device), the armor of Savitar, and the costume of The Thinker along with his flying chair and Clifford DeVoe's original Thinking Cap. We also see the costumes of Dr. Light, the second Trickster, Axl Walker, Zoom and Amunet Black.

The Flash Rogues Weapon Display From Flash Museum

Between the displays devoted to Reverse Flash and Savitar, there are a series of columns seemingly devoted to The Rogues. Here we see Leonard Snart's cold gun and Mick Rory's flame-thrower, along with Pied Piper's sonic gloves, the wand Cisco Ramon built to counter the powers of The Weather Wizard, one of Captain Boomerang's boomerangs and the swords wielded by The Samuraoid. We even see some more obscure items such as the helmet Jay Garrick was forced to wear as Zoom's prisoner, the yellow helmet General Wade Eiling wore when he was being mind-controlled by Gorilla Grodd and the magnetic gloves Barry Allen wore to safely grab the staff of Vandal Savage.

The most frightening display in the Hall of Villains, at least in the mind of Nora West-Allen, belongs to the villain Cicada. What makes Cicada's display notable is not what it contains but what it does not hold. The only item on display in the furthest alcove of the Hall of Villains is a newspaper whose headline asks "Who Is Cicada?" It is a question that came to dominate the first half of season 5 of The Flash.

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