The Flash Movie STILL Moving At A Snail's Pace

Is this ironic or what: the fastest guy in the whole comic book universe is the slowest one getting to the box office.

Screen Rant has been keeping careful tabs on the (lack of) progress concerning The Flash movie. For those with long memories, the blink-and-you-miss-it exploits of Wally West (aka The Flash) were supposedly going to be freeze-framed on the big screen following the release of the fabled Justice League movie. This would've served as the well from which spin-off films like The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman would be drawn.

Well, unless you've been living in a cave for the last six months, you know that Justice League is currently D.O.A.--so where does that leave the projects that were supposed to be its by-products?

In the case of Green Lantern, it seems things are moving forward even faster than planned: the movie has (what insiders are already calling) a kick-ass script, is pretty epic in scope, and DC/Warner Bros. seems to be fully committed to getting the film up and out for a 2010 release.

In the case of The Flash, however, things are looking... not so great. Producer of The Dark Knight and Warner Bros. insider Charles Roven has been the primary source of Flash movie news thus far. After letting the blogoshpere know some months ago that Flash was stuck in development limbo, Roven was recently sighted at this year's Spike TV Scream Awards and was kind enough to let Flash fans know how far the project has progressed since his initial report: not one step.

Pretty ironic for comic books' fastest hero, no?

No word yet on where this non-development leaves David Dobkin (Fred Clause) who was initially tapped to helm The Flash. No word yet on anything else surrounding this project (if it can still be called a "project" at all). Seriously though, I don't see what the hold up is: maybe if Green Lantern performs well, DC/Warner will finally get off their duffs. In the meantime, give'em hell Marvel Studios!

We'll let you know if any other news  lands in our lap. Be prepared for a long wait, though. For now, sound off and tell us how you feel about DC/Warner Bros. denying you The Flash movie you've been waiting for.

Source: Super Hero Hype

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