The Flash Movie: Kiersey Clemons Confirms She's Playing Iris West

Kiersey Clemons confirms she's going to star as Iris West in The Flash solo movie. There's been plenty of turnover in the DC movie universe and that is especially true when it comes to giving Ezra Miller a spinoff film. The project was originally set to be directed by Seth Grahame-Smith, but he departed the project due to creative differences and was eventually replaced by Rick Famuyiwa. Then, he ended up exiting the project as well. There was a vacancy for over a year until John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein signed on.

However, despite all the behind-the-scenes changes, the cast remained the same. Ezra Miller is firmly slated to star as Barry Allen, and Famuyiwa's choices for Henry Allen and Iris West - Billy Crudup and Kiersey Clemons, respectively - have remained on board regardless of rumors suggested their departure from the DCEU. Crudup made his debut appearance in Justice League; Clemons was supposed to appear in the film but her scenes were eventually cut. Still, that doesn't mean she's being recast for The Flash solo movie.

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Since Kiersey Clemons has yet to actually make her DC debut, there were previously questions about whether or not Clemons would actually stick around. There is no longer need to worry about such a possibility after she confirmed on Conan that she is going to play Iris West in The Flash, saying: "Imagine if I said no. Imagine if I was like, ‘I’m cut out of the whole thing.’ We talked about it though before so that’s not going to happen. I know I’m going to be in The Flash ... Yeah, I’m Iris West."

Considering all of the problems that this project has had, it is nice to see that at least the casting is remaining. Clemons is a talented young actress who has stood out in Dope and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Whatever or whoever has kept Clemons involved is a great sign for the film. Even though fans have yet to see how Clemons and Miller's chemistry is, they have at least done some work together for Justice League which should be a benefit when it comes time for The Flash to start filming.

Miller recently said that he's met with the film's latest directors so, hopefully, this is a sign that it won't be long before production finally begins. There have been reports The Flash will start filming this summer (possibly in July). If that's true, then confirmation of Clemons may just be the beginning of a flurry of casting announcements. With the film appearing to move away from adapting Flashpoint, there's the possibility for several of Flash's rogues to be included. Whether or not the movie will in any way assemble something similar to Flash's team on The CW's show remains to be seen, but Barry will definitely have Iris West by his side.

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The Flash is currently in development but does not yet have a release date.

Source: Conan

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