Warner Bros 'Close to Hiring a Director' for Flashpoint

The Flash in Justice League

Ezra Miller's solo DC film may finally pick up steam with producer Toby Emmerich saying the studio is close to hiring a director for Flashpoint. There are only a few more days left before Justice League hits theaters and audiences get to truly meet Ezra Miller as Barry Allen (but he isn't called Flash). Despite two previous appearances in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, Miller has not had time to shine. He is a staple in the Justice League, however, and the studio has continued to work on getting his solo film off the ground.

Dope director Rick Famuyiwa was the third director to exit the project last year, and after a rewriting process, it was announced that Miller's solo movie had been rebranded as Flashpoint. Throughout this process, a search for a new director has continued, but lately reports indicated Flashpoint (and other DC films) were on hold until the studio could see how Justice League performs.

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The Wall Street Journal published a piece about Justice League today, providing the news that WB mandated a runtime under 2 hours for Justice League. Near the end of the story, the attention turned to some of the individual members of the team and their futures. Ben Fritz, the author of the piece, noted that Warner Bros.' CCO Toby Emmerich said Miller is viewed within the studio as Justice League's breakout character, and has made his solo movie a priority. Well, Fritz later revealed on Twitter that they may announce a director soon.

Detail not in story: WB's Toby Emmerich said "close to hiring a director" on "Flashpoint," hopes to greenlight soon

— Ben Fritz (@benfritz) November 6, 2017

This could be viewed as a contradiction to the earlier reports that WB was waiting to decide Flashpoint's future, but Emmerich makes it sound much more certain that Miller will get a solo movie. Things could obviously change in the weeks to follow, but Flashpoint will surely become a bigger priority if Miller is the breakout the studio believes him to be.

Indicating that a director announcement could come soon may also show that this is Robert Zemeckis' job to pass up. He's been rumored for months, and the only apparent hurdle has been scheduling. WB wanting to get Flashpoint moving quicker could force Zemeckis' decision and could result in them missing out on Geoff Johns' favorite director. Unless more names surface in the next few weeks, all expectations point to Zemeckis tackling another time-traveling film centered on a young and energetic kid. But, Flashpoint is also not yet green-lit, so anything could change.

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Flashpoint is currently in development but does not have a release date.

Source: Ben Fritz

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