The Flash Movie Inspired By Back to the Future; Starts Filming in 2019

The DCEU's solo The Flash movie finally has a filming date for 2019, and will reportedly draw inspiration from Back to the Future. Although it's agreed that Ezra Miller's version of The Flash was one the best elements of Justice League, the character's own movie has been slow to happen. A lot the delays have had to do with a number of director and script changes, while Miller has remained a constant central figure.

Miller isn't like his DCEU co-star Ben Affleck, with rumors that he's leaving his superhero role every other week. Though the 25-year-old actor has been busy with his commitment to the Fantastic Beasts franchise, among other roles, production on his solo movie has struggled to gain forward momentum due to director shake-ups. Now, it seems like DC and Warner Bros. have finally nailed down a pair of filmmakers, with John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein directing The Flash movie. Production on The Flash is imminent and it's coming with some surprising news about the film's inspiration.

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THR reported a wealth of information about DC's movie slate, which is going through a bit of a shake-up with Geoff Johns stepping down from DC Entertainment as Chief Creative Officer. Along with movement on DC's two Joker movies, The Flash has been given a tentative filming date of 2019. In addition, THR reports that Back to the Future is being used as a "touchstone" for the movie. Evidently, the tone and voice of Back to the Future will be similar to what The Flash is trying to achieve, which explains quite a lot about the movie.

Back to the Future might seem like a surprising reference point compared to previous DCEU movies like Man of Steel and even Wonder Woman. However, the inspiration makes perfect sense for The Flash. It's long been thought that Miller's solo outing would adapt the famous DC story, Flashpoint, where Barry Allen travels back in time to prevent his mother's murder. There's been some hints that The Flash movie is backing away from the Flashpoint story, with reports that the movie will no longer be titled Flashpoint. However, since Back to the Future is a reference point and Barry Allen is involved, it's pretty safe to say there will be some time travel element to the movie.

The original Flashpoint is a rather dark story, with Barry ending up creating an almost apocalyptic reality by changing with timeline. It's not exactly the best opportunity to have a chuckle-fest with The Flash.  Instead, it seems like The Flash will use Flashpoint as more of an inspiration and have Barry travel back in time but end up in a world that's maybe more weird than nightmarish.

The movie likely won't ignore some of the tragedy and pathos of Barry Allen's story. After all, Back to the Future isn't a straight comedy. Yet it probably won't be the dark and gritty story comics fans are expecting from a Flashpoint adaptation. The Flash movie might not end up being the most faithful adaptation of the Flashpoint comic storyline. However, it's probably the one that the DCEU and The Flash needs. Miller's Barry Allen shouldn't have one of the most depressing movies in the DCEU slate.

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Source: THR

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