Kevin Smith 'Wouldn't Pass' on Directing The Flash Movie

Kevin Smith throws his hat into the ring as one director who would want to direct DC's Ezra Miller-led Flash standalone movie.

Kevin Smith has thrown his hat into the ring to direct The Flash standalone movie. The director's chair for the film has been worryingly vacant for longer than either the fans or DC and Warner Bros would want. After losing original director Seth Grahame-Smith, everything looked like The Flash film was running smoothly again when Dope director Rick Famuyiwa signed on to direct it. That is until Famuyiwa suddenly left The Flash late last year as well, and ever since then, the fate of The Flash movie has been left hanging in the balance.

It gets worse when considering that DC had originally planned on The Flash film being released alongside Jason Momoa's Aquaman next year, with both characters getting their first proper introductions later this year in Justice League. But now that the behind-the-scenes development on the film appears to have all but stopped until the studio gets a new director on board - when exactly The Flash will hit theaters has become completely shrouded in mystery.

Luckily, it looks like DC may finally be narrowing down the list of possible contenders for The Flash again, with Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn both currently rumored to be in talks. But on Twitter recently, Kevin Smith took the opportunity to throw his hat into the ring for the job also, saying that he knows of "at least one director who wouldn't pass." Check it out for yourself down below:

I know of at least one Director who wouldn't pass. (But to be fair, he's more of a "director" than a Director...)

— KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) May 17, 2017

Now, as fans are likely already aware, this certainly wouldn't be the first time that Smith has played around in The Flash universe, or with that set of characters. In fact, the filmmaker has helmed multiple episodes of The Flash TV show on The CW over the past few years, most of which have been met with positive critical acclaim. But directing episodes of The Flash TV show and the big budget DC standalone film, aren't as similar as they might seem on paper.

Of course, compared to filmmakers like Matthew Vaughn and Robert Zemeckis, Smith doesn't quite have as much experience or critical backing behind him that those other names do, which might make him less of an exciting choice for the studio. But at the same time, Seth Grahame-Smith hadn't directed a single feature film when he signed on for The Flash originally. So if the studio is more interested in finding someone with an intense knowledge of the DC comics and the Barry Allen character, they'd be hard-pressed to find someone more qualified than Kevin Smith. That doesn't necessarily make this outcome any more likely, but it certainly doesn't hurt his chances either.

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Source: Twitter

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