DCEU Flash Fan Builds Highly-Detailed Movie Costume

A DC Extended Universe fan has constructed an authentic Flash costume and posted the results on social media. It's based on the interpretation of the suit that's worn by Barry Allen in the DCEU (including, Zack Snyder's Justice League movie, arriving this fall) and it looks sturdy enough in design to enter the speed-force... if it actually existed, anyway.

The costume of The Flash has evolved since the character first appeared in 1940, but the color design and lightning bolt has been a constant. The Golden-Age Flash of the 1940's was Jay Garrick, who had no face-mask but wore a winged hat and was based on the Roman God Mercury. This look was kept for Jay Garrick in The CW Arrowverse's The Flash TV series. In the comics it changed to the familiar all-over red suit with yellow streaks,when Barry Allen became the Silver-Age Flash in 1956. Legendary artist Carmine Infantino designed that particular costume, and most updates have remained faithful to it since then.

The first realistic live-action version of the most famous version of The Flash's costume came with John Wesley Shipp wearing a padded latex version, during the 1990s The Flash TV series. Grant Gustin's costume in the Arrowverse harkens back to the Silver-Age design again, but the DCEU version of the suit is a bit different. You can check-out photos of the fan-made version of the costume, as it was posted by its creator to Reddit.

Click HERE to Check Out the Fan-Made DCEU Flash Costume

Said fan-made DCEU Flash costume is virtually identical in appearance to the cinematic version worn by Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in the footage and images released from Justice League, thus far. This fan version keeps the "armor-plating" effect of the DCEU Flash costume, making it look more tech-based and combat-ready. It genuinely seems fit to wear and has drawn a lot of admiration and positivity from those who have commented on the photo already. (Some users have compared the fan to Cisco from The CW's The Flash TV show.)

Since the early pre-production days of Justice League, it was reported that The CW and DCEU Flash costumes would be noticeably different in design. Some fans have pointed out the similarities between the DCEU Flash costume and that featured in the Injustice video games, in particular. It remains to be seen how well the suit will stand up to close scrutiny, when the movie Scarlet Speedster takes it for a test run this coming November. Miller, for his part, has said he found it "thrilling" to put on the costume, and compared it to "a samurai getting into his armor."

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Source: Reddit

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