The Flash: Billy Crudup Says Filming Schedule Unclear at the Moment

Ezra Miller has already made his DCEU debut as Barry Allen, but his work schedule may be delaying The Flash according to his on screen father Billy Crudup. Miller has already made two quick appearances as the speedster in both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, and he is now poised to have a much larger role this November with Justice League. Not only will the movie serve as an expansion for the DCEU, but also give audiences a chance to better understand who these newer heroes are, Flash included.

Part of that will come by seeing these individual characters' lives within the larger universe and for Flash, that will be shown with Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) and his father Henry Allen being introduced. Both will return for The Flash, but when that will happen is not clear.

Crudup spoke to while promoting his upcoming film Alien: Covenant and was asked if he knew when filming would begin on his next DCEU appearance. The project has had a troubled development so far, and Crudup says Miller's busy work schedule continues complicate things.

I don't. It's unclear at the moment. I think, Ezra's schedule... Ezra's a busy man, he's very popular and excellent.

This is not the first time that Ezra's schedule has been said to be delaying The Flash. He is going to return for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 - a fellow Warner Bros. franchise - and will be filming that over the course of this year, but also has the ensuing press tour for Justice League to attend. This could occupy much of his time in what is left of 2017. Even if his schedule was clear however, his availability is certainly not the only thing holding up The Flash.

WB has yet to find a director since Rick Famuyiwa left last October, and has reportedly been focused on nailing down their script before finding the project's third "official" director. This new script - which is reportedly a page-1 rewrite - was tackled by Joby Harold, but could change again depending on the level of director that is attached. Most recently, rumors of Robert Zemeckis directing arose and fell rather quickly.

At this point, a filming schedule will not be made until a director can be found. WB is really in no rush on the production either as it does not currently have a spot on the release calendar. Finding a director is the next step necessary for The Flash to move forward and they can sort out schedules after. So, even though Crudup's comments are true that Ezra is very busy right now, he does not have any other announced projects in development, making it easier to nail down The Flash's timeline when all the pieces are in place.

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