The Flash Heads to Couple's Therapy in 'Mixed Signals'

Two new clips have arrived for tonight's episode of The Flash and they prove how funny the new season will be. With so much packed into the season 3 finale of The Flash this past summer, the season 4 premiere last week had to spend a lot of time pulling Barry out of the Speed Force and reorienting him. Now that the character and show are caught up to the new status quo of the season, things can finally start heading in the fun direction we keep hearing about.

Some of the comedy and lightheartedness in store for The Flash this season was already on display in the trailer for tonight's episode, 'Mixed Signals'. In it, we learn that Barry's new suit has a few glitches. However, it won't just be sight gags; there will be plenty of new energy, awkward interactions, and gallows humor to bolster the upcoming episodes of the show. Ahead of tonight's attempt to breathe new life into The Flash, we have a couple of clips that show off the new and improved series.

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The CW has released two scenes from tonight's episode of The Flash, teasing the drama and threats that lie ahead for the team while wrapping the whole thing up with plenty of laughs. The first clip, posted above, involves Barry and Iris going to therapy; and as soon as the questions begin, so do the awkward answers. Playing with a bit of meta humor, Barry and Iris stumble through the evolution of their unusual relationship and realize just how many funerals they've been to lately. It also appears that even death won't stop the jokes when Cisco's around.

Like the therapy clip, we get to see more of a fun dynamic between the various players in The Flash video above. While most of them have always had good chemistry, the lighter approach looks to be doing wonders for what the show's actors bring to their roles here. Despite investigating what sounds like a grisly death, Cisco just can't help making jokes. Of course, things turn serious when a powerful and deadly hacker is revealed to be behind the murder.

The Flash season 4 premiere also concluded with a sneak peek at The Thinker and The Mechanic. The former will be the main villain of the season, and he will bring a cerebral approach to the series. In all likelihood, he's behind the hack work here and it's yet another step in his plan to test Barry's limits. Will The Flash and friends uncover his grander plan before it's too late?

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The Flash continues tonight with 'Mixed Signals' on The CW.

Source: The CW

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