The Flash Midseason Finale Videos Tease Savitar Showdown

With the threat of the Dominators gone, The Flash shifts its focus onto the villainous Savitar in a pair of new videos from the midseason finale.

The Flash Season 3 Shade Savitar

Barry Allen has a lot on his plate this season on The Flash. Before he could return to the threat of Doctor Alchemy, who's dead set on awakening as many meta-humans as he can in Central City, the Scarlet Speedster had to join up with the other heroes of the Arrowverse to face down the intergalactic threat of the Dominators for the CW's Invasion! crossover event. With that handled, Barry's back home just in time to celebrate Christmas and deal with the latest lightning-fast threat in the form of Savitar the Speed God.

Just before the crossover, we learned that Alchemy, revealed to be moody CSI Julian Albert (Tom Felton), was merely a disciple of Savitar. Not only that, but the mechanized monstrosity who claims to be the ruler of the Speed Force, appears to be able to move so fast that only the Flash can see him. As scary as the Reverse-Flash and Zoom were, Savitar looks to be the fastest and most frightening foe the Flash has yet faced. With that in mind, this week's midseason finale, "The Present," continues the long tradition of superheroes not being allowed a peaceful holiday.

In a pair of clips released by The CW on their YouTube channel, we learn a bit more about the new rogue and his lackey thanks to a clip from the upcoming episode [above] and an interview with one of the show's producers that features the return of yet another speedster [below].

The first video pulls a scene from the finale where Barry questions Julian about Doctor Alchemy and his mysterious stone. True to the villain's name (and in an effort to prevent Felton from ever living down his most popular role), the rock is the Philosopher's Stone. In many stories, including the Harry Potter book and movie of the same name, it has the power to transform any metal into gold and create an elixir that extends life.

In the show, Julian says it acts like an anceint particle accelerator, granting people meta-human powers. While he convinces Barry that his youthful search for the stone yielded no results, it let's us know how he came to be Alchemy. His poker face is less effective when Barry surprises his colleague by asking him about Savitar. Julian claims he's the original speedster and to stop asking questions, and the scene ends with both Barry and Julian suspicious of each other. Considering how long Julian has been on Barry's case, it's hard to believe he couldn't figure out that he's the Flash already.

In the second video, executive producer Todd Helbing gives us a little more context for Savitar, after a clip of the STAR Labs team celebrating Christmas with the new Harrison Wells. After that, we learn that the Jay Garrick who shares a likeness with Barry's late father, and happens to be the Golden Age Flash, will be returning to the series to help Barry with this new threat. John Wesley Shipp has long been a welcome presence on the series, so seeing him once again play the Flash, and giving us a comics-appropriate version of Garrick in the process, is very exciting. It also teases the promise of the Flashes of Two Worlds teaming up, which is enough to make any geek's Christmas. Maybe that's the titular present of the episode.

The midseason finale of The Flash will air tonight at 8pm EST on the CW.

Source: The CW

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