The Flash is Framed in Extended Midseason Premiere Trailer

A new extended trailer for The Flash midseason premiere reveals just how much trouble Barry Allen is in, as the Fastest Man Alive risks a life in jail in order to keep his secret safe.

It's not easy being a superhero, especially when the bad guys know your secret identity. The midseason finale of The Flash saw Barry Allen framed for murder, and trailers have already teased that Barry faces a difficult challenge. The only way to prove his innocence is to publicly admit his secret identity, but the repercussions from such an action would be severe. His life as a normal human being would be over, and the Flash would essentially be forced to commit to full-time superheroism.

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The Thinker certainly seems to have got the Flash where he wants him - behind bars. The villain's plans seemingly came to fruition in the midseason finale, with the ruthless genius jumping into a new body. No doubt he will use this new, healthy body to evil intent. Meanwhile, he's also taken Team Flash off the table at this crucial time. The Flash is behind bars, and his friends are focused only on proving his innocence. It's a masterpiece of distraction.

But is this all the Thinker aims to achieve with this genius strategy? It seems as though the Thinker wants to challenge Team Flash on a moral level, forcing them to make compromises they would otherwise avoid. The trailer teases that Barry must decide whether or not to lie under oath. Barry knows how much he has to lose, and what could happen to Iris if his enemies came looking for her. That secret identity needs to be kept, but at what cost?

The Flash isn't the only one struggling with a difficult decision. Joe is seen contemplating an act he'd previously have considered unthinkable. He's actually thinking about planting false evidence to 'prove' Barry's innocence. That could easily act as dangerous leverage for the future.

It's been refreshing to see the Flash pitted against a challenge like the Thinker. So far, The Flash has tended to pit Barry against major villains with similar powers, but the Thinker is very different. This time, it will be the Flash's quick wits that save the day, not his super-speed. He's got to out-think his enemy, to work out the Thinker's strategy and somehow foil a Machiavellian scheme. Fortunately, of course, Barry isn't facing this threat alone. Not only does he have Team Flash on his side, but he's now a married man. And Iris West-Allen is unlikely to leave Barry behind bars.

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The Flash returns @8pm on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

Source: The CW

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