The Flash Battles Hazard in 'Luck Be a Lady' Trailer

The trailer for next week's The Flash shows that Barry and the team's luck is about to run out. While the season 4 premiere of The Flash was all about establishing the new status quo in Central City and bringing Barry back from the Speed Force, last night's episode ('Mixed Signals') was able to cut loose. Barry and Iris and Cisco and Gypsy all worked through some issues, and the show's writers were able bring back the fun and humor that's been missing since season 1. However, as the episode's tag teased, Team Flash has a big threat on the horizon.

We know The Thinker is the big bad this season on The Flash, but it's clear that he'll be pulling the strings of a number of other metas. The rogue is playing a long game, and Kilg%re was just the first part of his scheme. Over the coming weeks, a group of metas who weren't part of the Particle Accelerator explosion will emerge and threaten Barry and his team. Next week, the villain they face will be bringing with her a whole lot of bad luck... literally.

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The CW has released the trailer for next week's episode of The Flash, titled 'Luck be a Lady', online (see the video above). In it, we are introduced to the meta thief Hazard and her luck-altering powers. Played by Sugar Lyn Beard, Hazard can grant herself good luck with the result the everyone around her receives the opposite. All told, it will be a tricky power set for Team Flash to tackle.

Like a number of villains on The Flash, Hazard is a relatively minor villain. With psionic powers that let her control probabilities, she naturally adopted a gambling-themed costume and name as she set about as a super-powered thief. She would also go on to join a version of the Injustice Society, the supervillain team The Flash looks to be setting up this season.

The introduction of Hazard and her powers also allows for The Flash to continue injecting humor into its season 4 episodes. Season 1 of the series had a certain gee-whiz sci-fi quality to it that blended human stories with lots of action and antics. After changing its tone over the past two seasons to better mirror ArrowThe Flash proved this week that it's gotten back to its roots. By having a meta whose powers can create situations both dangerous and whimsical, The Flash will be able to more organically return to form from hereon out.

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The Flash continues with 'Luck be a Lady' next Tuesday at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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