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The Flash Killer Frost Synopsis Revealed

A majority of The Flash season three so far has been dedicated to Barry Allen and his friends being forced to deal with the consequences of "Flashpoint", and the ramifications of his time travel at the end of the second season. One of the more important changes that's been set up throughout the entire season up until this point too has been Earth-1 Caitlin Snow's transition into becoming Killer Frost, a villainous metahuman introduced in the second season as originally nothing more than Caitlin's Earth-2 doppelganger. Thanks to Barry's creation of a new timeline though, Caitlin's fate has been changed, and viewers have seen her slowly discover her icy powers in the most recent episodes of the season.

For fans that have been anxiously waiting to see Caitlin go full Killer Frost as well, they won't have to wait much longer with next week's episode focusing entirely on Caitlin's transition into the supervillain in an hour aptly titled, "Killer Frost." It also marks the return of Kevin Smith as a director on the show, following his work on "The Runaway Dinosaur" near the end of last season.

In anticipation of "Killer Frost" next week, the CW has released the first photos from the icy installment. To put it simply, it looks like Caitlin's confusion and frustration over her newfound powers, will lead to some unfortunate tension between her and her S.T.A.R. Labs team members, as Killer Frost threatens to wreak havoc on all of Central City. Take a look at the photos for yourself below:

[vn_gallery name="The Flash ‘Killer Frost’ Photos" id="841735"]

Now, this won't be the only Arrowverse episode that Smith helms this year, and following how critically well-received "The Runaway Dinosaur" ended up being last year, Smith will also be helming an episode of Supergirl this season. He hasn't been shy about teasing the magnitude of "Killer Frost" on social media over the past few weeks by any means either, and following the confirmation of Dr. Alchemy's presence in the episode, it should be interesting to see how his and Killer Frost's storylines eventually intersect with each other.

These photos come after last week's release of the episode's synopsis, which teased an unexpected, heroic moment that causes Caitlin's full powers as Killer Frost to be unleashed, and an eventual battle between Killer Frost, The Flash, and Vibe. Whether or not Caitlin will be able to overcome the villainous side of her powers by the end of the episode or not is hard to know for certain; The Flash has a penchant for both drawing out storylines over entire seasons, while also summing up hugely important arcs like "Flashpoint" in just one episode. Judging by the season's slow build up to her eventual transition though, it wouldn't be surprising to see The Flash take its time with Caitlin's inner battle this season. We'll just have to wait and see.

The Flash "Killer Frost" airs Tuesday November 22nd @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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