The Flash: Kevin Smith’s Killer Frost Episode Extended Trailer Released

Since directing his first episode of The Flash in season two, 'The Runaway Dinosaur,' Kevin Smith has been very vocal in his eagerness to jump back into the Arrowverse. He teased ideas on how he'd bring DC's silent villain, Onomatopoeia, to Arrow, and snagged a director's spot in the second season of Supergirl. Smith's second episode of The Flash, 'Killer Frost,' put the focus on the unraveling Caitlin Snow.

In a previous episode, 'Monster,' Caitlin's desperation to fix herself drove her to seek help from estranged scientist mother. While the interaction might not have done much for mending fences between the pair, it also has not helped to slow the progression of her powers. After being treated like a lab rat, Caitlin is no closer to stopping the change. Fans have watched her slowly morph into Killer Frost since the events of Flashpoint. The transition is especially hard on her since she has struggled with the very idea of turning into her Earth-2 doppelganger for nearly two whole seasons.

It couldn't have been easy for Caitlin to reveal her transition to the team, even less so since Cisco forced her to tell everyone, and next week's 'Killer Frost' looks like it will build on the events of 'Shade.' The CW released the extended trailer for the Kevin Smith helmed episode that centers on Caitlin's anger at what she's become.

She wreaks havoc around Central City, and she even lashes out at Barry, threatening to hurt him because of what she's going through. It looks like there's going to be a fair amount of blame game throughout the episode, with both Barry and Caitlin holding Barry responsible for this turn of events.

Smith's previous episode of The Flash really tugged at the heartstrings as Barry was trapped in the Speed Force talking to his "mother." He was able to snap out of his own misery and let his friends help him get out. As for Caitlin, now that the whole team knows, surely they'll all be working overtime to come up with a solution to fix her. Barry tries to rationalize the change saying, "she's sick, she's not thinking straight."

Team Flash has found ways to dampen the abilities of meta-humans in the past, but will Caitlin's anger be too great to overcome? A couple of the official photos released indicate that the only way to save Caitlin might be to put her in a cell.

The Flash season 3 continues next Tuesday with ‘Killer Frost’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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