The Flash: Kevin Smith Episode Lands Thor Writer Zack Stentz

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The CW had a hit on their hands with season 1 of The Flash, but they haven't rested on their laurels. Season 2 revealed a new Big Bad with the ultimate evil speedster Zoom, opened up the storylines to include an alternate universe dubbed Earth-2, and teamed up with characters from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

The season isn't over yet, with upcoming episodes featuring another time jump into the past, and a crossover adventure with CBS's DC hero, Supergirl. Another big score for The Flash is that episode 21 will feature iconic geek Kevin Smith as director, but he's not the only big screen veteran attached to the project.

Writer Zack Stentz, who penned screenplays with partner Ashley Miller for Thor, X-Men: First Class, and the upcoming Power Rangers film, has composed the script for Smith's debut as director. Stentz broke the news on Twitter, thanking The Flash producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Sarah Schechter for the opportunity.

Now that the cat's out of the bag, thank you @GBerlanti @AJKreisberg @SarahSoWitty for the invite to do this!!!

— Zack Stentz (@MuseZack) March 15, 2016

So far the plot details are being kept under wraps, including the title that you see Stentz covered up in his tweet. The Flash fans should feel comfortable with Stentz' genre resume, which also includes TV writing for Andromeda and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He also earns geek bonus points for signing on for the remake of cult movie classic Big Trouble in Little China. The CW show is building buzz for the episode's story already, with praise from storyboard artist Jeremy Simser and producer Berlanti, the latter proclaiming Stentz "knocked it out of the park" with the new script.

There's a momentum build right now on The Flash, with Zoom's big reveal and Barry's resistance to leaving Earth-2 to deal with the villain alone. The Smith and Stentz episode will air close to the season finale, guaranteeing some big action and possibly a few unexpected twists. Smith can be a polarizing figure, but there's no doubting his comic book cred, and producer Kreisberg feels certain the director will bring his A-game, given his fanboy love of The Flash plus the extra "scrutiny" the episode will be under. With Stentz also on board, it feels like the effort is there to make this a particularly explosive episode, and hopefully one of the season's highlights.

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The Flash returns Tuesday, March 22 on The CW with episode "Trajectory". The Smith/Stentz episode will air sometime in May.

Source: Zack Stentz

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