What ‘90s Flash TV Star Thinks of Ezra Miller in the DCEU

John Wesley Shipp has played more than one version of The Flash, and he's happy to welcome the DC Extended Universe's Ezra Miller into the fold. Shipp knows what it takes to play the Scarlet Speedster. In 1990 he starred as Barry Allen in the short-lived Flash series on CBS, and two decades later he returned to the DC universe as another Flash, Jay Garrick, on The CW's The Flash. On that hit series, he also played Henry Allen, father to Grant Gustin's Barry and Garrick's doppelganger.

The Flash will enter its fourth season on The CW this fall, but that's not the only place fans can see the fastest man alive. Ezra Miller made his debut as the DCEU's Barry Allen in last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he made another cameo appearance in Suicide Squad. But it's this fall's Justice League that will really introduce moviegoers to Miller's take on the character. If the Justice League trailers are any indication, Miller's Barry Allen will provide a lot of geeky charm and comic relief in the upcoming superhero team up.

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With his continuing role on The Flash TV show, Shipp could be forgiven if he expressed a preference for Gustin's Barry, but instead he's welcoming this new Flash into the world of on-screen superheroes with open arms. Speaking at this weekend's DragonCon, Shipp discussed the latest incarnation of Central City's greatest hero, as per Heroic Hollywood's Jeff Grantz"The Speed Force is big enough for all of us."

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League

As an actor who has already played the iconic role of Barry Allen, Shipp is uniquely qualified to assess the phenomenon of different actors playing the same role (though he didn't have any competition during his first superhero tour of duty). Now, fans of movies and TV shows will have the same experience that comic book readers have had for decades, with multiple versions of the same character operating at the same time. It could potentially be a recipe for confusion, but with the DCEU being so separate from The CW's slate of DC shows, it shouldn't be difficult for fans to enjoy the work of both Gustin and Miller.

It's laudable that Shipp is ready to welcome Miller into the cinematic speedster club, and as he notes, the Speed Force is a pretty big playground. We know that Miller's Barry (and the rest of the DCEU) exist in an entirely different part of the multiverse than Gustin's, but who's to say they can't run into each other somewhere deep inside the mysterious Speed Force? Even a quick cameo, or a glimpse of Gustin and Shipp as Miller's Barry runs through time, would be fun and satisfying for fans.

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Source: Jeff Grantz

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