The Flash: Jay Garrick Returns in Midseason Finale Promo

With The Flash's episode of the Arrowverse's 4-part Heroes vs. Villains crossover done as of tonight, the CW series about Central City's Scarlet Speedster can get back on track with its own story. Next week's episode, which also happens to be the show's midseason finale this year, promises to bring together all of the season's biggest characters and storylines so far, as Barry is forced to take on both Savitar, the self-proclaimed God of Speed, and the mysterious Alchemy.

Luckily for Barry, he won't be alone in that fight. Revealed in the episode's synopsis, in addition to featuring the showdown fans have been waiting weeks to see, the episode will also feature the return of John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick, when Barry travels to his Earth to look for help in his battle. Looks like he's learned from some of his past mistakes.

Immediately following tonight's episode of the series as well, the promo for "The Present" was released, giving us our first look at the showdown between Jay Garrick and Barry Allen vs Savitar and Alchemy. Like most of The Flash's winter finales, it looks like the show will be closing out the year with a bang.

Ever since his debut as Jay Garrick in the show's second season finale last year, Shipp has only appeared in The Flash once so far. That return happened in "Paradox" earlier this season, when Garrick quite literally snapped Barry out of his madness, and stopped him from going back in time, and effectively breaking the timelines and universe itself even further than he already had. Even though Shipp's Henry Allen perished at the hands of Zoom, it looked like he was still being tasked with being the person forced to give Gustin's Barry some much-needed tough love.

Luckily for fans of Shipp's Flash TV series though, "The Present" will finally let the former Flash star in on some of the action himself. After previous iconic showdowns with characters like Zoom and the Reverse-Flash in the past too, it seems fair to say that The Flash has created some very high expectations for itself going into this season's biggest battle so far. With two villains set to face Barry this time instead of just one, however, and with one of them not being a Speedster, it should be able to give the fight itself a much different dynamic than some of the series' past set pieces. Seeing how or if some of the series' other meta allies feature into the fight as well -- specifically Caitlin, Cisco, and Wally -- should just make the midseason finale that much more exciting to watch.

The Flash continues next Tuesday with ‘The Present’ @8pm on The CW.

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