The Flash: [SPOILER] Gets a Superhero Suit in New Set Photos

Warning: SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of The Flash


With Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) sentenced to life in prison, it looks like Central City has found its newest superhero - Iris West (Candice Patton) who was seen suited up in new set photos for an upcoming episode of The Flash.

Barry's worst nightmare has come to fruition. After waffling about whether he should reveal himself as the Flash or not during the midseason premiere, the court eventually decided that he is indeed guilty of killing Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) and was sentenced to a lifetime behind bars. As of now, it doesn't seem like there's much his allies can do to prove his innocence and get him out of jail. Instead, they have to get on with running the team, focus on keeping Central City safe, and perhaps recruit a couple of new honorary members to fill in for their leader's vacant spot.

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Shots from Canadagraphs reveals Patton donning her own superhero suit that looks very similar to the one Dr. Light sports: a black ensemble with a white detail in the middle. The report details that the scene being shot was of her grabbing a perpetrator and handing him to the police. It's a generic hero move, but what's more interesting is that she seems to have become a metahuman, also having the same speed ability that her husband has. Check out the photos below:

Little is known about why Iris is wearing a suit or why she seems to have the same super ability that the Flash has, but if we look at it from a narrative standpoint, it's a natural progression for her to eventually get into the nitty-gritty world of superhero that she has been inhabiting for quite a while now. We've already established that she's capable of running Team Flash behind-the-scenes when Barry was trapped in the Speed Force and she continues to play a significant role in the group. It only makes sense that while her other half is serving time behind bars, she's picking up the responsibility while he's incarcerated, especially after her conversation with Marlize DeVoe/The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) about what she's willing to do for her husband. Sure, Barry might not like it, but at this point, he really does not have any choice. The biggest question here, however, is, how she got her power.

Intel reveals that the scenes being filmed won't be on air for several more weeks. That gives The Flash enough time to establish what's happening in these shots. And should her new role and get-up stick, we'll have a few more episodes after that to deal with Iris' own superhero alter-ego. During this time, we also expect that we have a clearer picture of The Thinker's endgame. With the Flash now trapped in a cell, ironically the same one his father had, chances are that The Thinker will be more aggressive in executing his plans.

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The Flash season 4 airs Tuesday nights at 8pm/9c on The CW.

Source: Canadagraphs

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