The Flash: Candice Patton in the Dark About Iris' Fate


Over the years, The Flash has seen Barry Allen and his team face off against a number of threats. From friends-turned-enemies who also happen to be speedsters, to a rash of metas, telepathic gorillas, and the occasional average criminal. In between all that city-saving, Barry has traveled through the Multiverse and gone back and forth in time. So far, his one trip to the future has shown him the worst news yet: Iris will be killed by Savitar in just a couple of months.

We know Savitar has a master plan for Barry, but he can't really focus on that as he's right now so busy trying to prevent the future he's witnessed. One of the upcoming events will see the Flash join forces with Supergirl for a musical crossover. We've heard that Iris will play a big role in the episode, and many fans are hoping it will signal a more active role for the character moving forward. Of course, that assumes she has much of a future.

When TV Line asked Iris actress Candice Patton whether she knew her character's fate, she admitted being in the dark, but did so with a laugh.

"No, they didn't tell me. I have no idea and it's a little alarming. I think I know, but you never really know. I am just in the dark as the audience so it will be really interesting to see if Team Flash can pull it off. I'm hoping they can, because I need a job."

In all seriousness though, Barry has spent a lot of time trying to save Iris while she's been increasingly relegated to the background. Even her inclusion on Team Flash hasn't really been justified beyond her being Barry's girlfriend. The show does romance well, but as it continues to focus on metas and speedsters, audiences are left wondering if the writers will ever give Iris the agency she deserves. Patton agrees, and thinks that if Iris is to be saved, she better have a role in her own salvation.


"They did a really great job this year of giving Iris so many levels, she's genuinely in fear for her life...and we've also seen her being kind of reckless about her future knowing that, if she's not going to die until May, she's can't die today. Hopefully, we'll see a version of Iris who gets the strength to be part of saving her own life, to be a part of the narrative that ensures her safety. How cool would that be? She is a very capable woman, so how great would it be for a character like Iris, who has no superpowers, to be part of her own destiny?"

The coming weeks will see Barry quite busy with a number of other missions. Tonight, he'll be hopping into a very aggressive Speed Force to rescue Wally, and in the process encounter a number of familiar faces from the past. Meanwhile, Abra Kadabra will be coming to the show from the future/comics, possibly setting up DC's Rebirth on the small screen. While that could serve to unify all of the shows of the Arrowverse, it might be a little early in the run of the CW shows to do a reboot of sorts.


Either way, all of that action will mean Barry will have to focus on something other than saving Iris. Hopefully, that will mean she'll get her own plot or story to focus on. After all, if these upcoming episodes are potentially her last on the show, the writers and producers should really make them count for something. Iris has never really been given a substantial arc, so now would be the time to rectify that error—before it's too late.

The Flash season 3 continues tonight, March 14, with "Into the Speed Force" at 8 pm on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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