The Flash Team Gets Miniaturized in 'Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash' Trailer

- Spoilers for those not caught up on The Flash -

The trailer for "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" has been released. The heroes on The Flash are struggling. Barry's trying to learn how to cope with life in prison, Iris is working on Barry's appeal, and Central City still needs plenty of protecting. After a bit of an existential crisis, Elongated Man has stepped up. But with Barry incarcerated and Wally on his own adventure, Elongated Man, Vibe, and Killer Frost - along with backup from Harry, Iris, and Joe - are all the city has.

Barry made a few strides by befriending Big Sir - played by pro wrestler Bill Goldberg - an old friend of his father's. Big Sir, aka Dave, stepped up to protect Barry in order to repay Henry Allen for saving him from a burst appendix. But when Barry saved Big Sir when he was attacked by other inmates, he finally made a friend on the inside. From the look of things, this is not the last time Barry is going to come to Big Sir's aid.


The CW has released the trailer for next week's episode, "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" and it looks like the episode will live up to the family comedy for which it's named. When Big Sir tells Barry that he is also an innocent man, Barry asks Team Flash to look into finding the real culprit. Unfortunately, this puts the team in the sights of a villian with the ability to shrink people. And his next victims are Elongated Man and Vibe.

The shrinking of Cisco and Ralph seems to indicate a fairly funny episode. Both tend to provide much of the show's levity by themselves, and their mutual bantering and sniping at each other when they are together usually add an extra level of humor. As Harry says in the trailer, "Still annoying at this height." Meanwhile, unless they can think of a way to use their mini-heroes, the team is going to be down three fighters instead of just one.

While Barry surely won't be in prison forever, Team Flash might be without him for awhile longer. In spite of most of the team being made up of geniuses, outthinking The Thinker is going to take quite a bit of time and effort. Though the reappearance of the Mystery Girl from the West-Allen wedding, a new metahuman in their periphery, and someone on the team rocking a new super suit, there should be plenty of help in store for Team Flash while they wait for Barry to return.


The Flash returns to The CW with "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" on Tuesday, January 30 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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