The Flash To Appear in Gotham Season 2 Crossover Episode [April Fools]

The Flash Gotham crossover

UPDATE: April Fools! But we still want to see Green Arrow join the cast of Survivor.  

It's hard to believe just how much the DC TV empire has grown since Arrow debuted on The CW in 2012. There now two spinoff shows on the network that are set in the same universe - The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Furthermore, crossover episodes with DC Comics-based shows on other networks have confirmed that Arrow takes place in the same world as NBC's short-lived supernatural series Constantine, and that the Arrowverse is part of a multiverse that includes CBS' Supergirl.

That latter bit of canon was confirmed by this week's appearance of the Flash (Grant Gustin) in the Supergirl episode 'World's Finest'. The Fastest Man Alive accidentally jumped through a portal into Supergirl's world, and in doing so established a precedent for bringing TV's further-flung DC shows into the Arrowverse fold. And if the ratings spike that Supergirl enjoyed is anything to go by, this is an experiment worth repeating.

Warner Bros. TV seems to think so as well, as it looks like another crossover has been negotiated - this time with FOX's Batman prequel series Gotham. The news was broken by TVLine and quickly confirmed in an official press release by Fox, which states that Gustin will make a guest appearance in episode #21 of Gotham's second season. The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti said, of the crossover, "We're so excited to be working with FOX and the Gotham creative team on this episode. The villains of Gotham City won't know what hit them when The Flash rolls into town!"

The Flash Supergirl Crossover Grant Gustin Melissa Benoist

The expansion of DC TV multiverse won't stop there, however. A separate press release from The CW revealed that Warner Bros. TV is also collaborating with AMC, Sony Pictures Television and Preacher showrunner Sam Clatlin to arrange a special appearance by Barry Allen in the upcoming series' first season. Preacher, like Constantine, originated as a comic book series under DC's Vertigo imprint, and stars Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger) as a small town preacher who becomes possessed by a powerful supernatural entity.

After that, the Arrowverse will crossover with AMC's current comics-based hit, The Walking Dead, and a crossover episode is also being planned for the first season of Outcast, the new horror series from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Comic book fans can also look forward to a meeting of Marvel and DC when Barry Allen's world-jumping exploits land him in Netflix's Defenders universe. And for the romantics out there, be sure to tune in to season 21 of The Bachelor, when Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) will be sent into our own world by Barry on a quest to find his one true love.

Berlanti spoke enthusiastically about the upcoming crossovers, saying, "You are nothing but maggots writhing in the soil of the world we have created. Writhe, maggots. There is no escape. There is only the Multiverse."

Check out some official stills for some of the upcoming Arrowverse crossover episodes below.

Arrow House of Cards crossover

Game of Thrones - The Flash crossover episode

The Flash/Adventure Time crossover

Arrow Survivor crossover episode

The Flash guest stars on Hannibal

Flash/Daredevil crossover

The Flash continues with ‘Versus Zoom’ on Tuesday April 19th @8PM on The CW. Gotham returns with “Into the Woods” next Monday at 8pm on FOX.

Source: The CW/FOX

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