The Flash Battles Godspeed In New Season 6 Set Photos

Set photos from filming of The Flash season 6 have made their way online, showing the Scarlet Speedster battling the sinister Godspeed.

The Flash has been spotted battling Godspeed in season 6 set photos. The season started filming earlier this month; and while the show's latest season concluded two months ago, it will be returning this fall in time for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Perhaps one of the most interesting episodes of The Flash season 5 was "Godspeed." Here, viewers got to see what Nora was up to prior to arriving in the present during the events of season 4. In this episode, Nora battled Godspeed, another sinister speedster. The character is a very recent creation in the comics, so fans were looking forward to seeing him adapted. Unfortunately, he lost in his debut episode. That seemed to be the end, but it looks like Godspeed will be making a comeback in the upcoming season.

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Set photos from filming of The Flash's sixth season have made their way online via, highlighting a conflict with Godspeed. This time, it appears the Flash himself will be colliding with the villain. Check out the images below:

It's not known how the conflict will occur in the story. Based on the photos, fans may come away with the the assumption that Godspeed will serve as the season's antagonist. However, it was reported in June that the show's producers were looking for diverse actors for the role of the big bad. So, it's possible that Godspeed battles Flash during Crisis on Infinite Earths, then a new villain will later pop up. Or, Godspeed could be the villain of the first few episodes, or a secondary antagonist throughout the season. It could also be that a new person will portray Godspeed. The Flash will likely get a season 6 trailer next week at Comic-Con, so some details should be revealed then.

Many fans were disappointed with how Godspeed was handled last season. The antagonist was very notable when he made his debut in the comics, so it was odd to see him being portrayed as a one-off character. That wasn't the first time a character was treated like this. Shade, a notable villain from the comics, wasn't given any development whatsoever in his episode back in season 3. Unlike Shade, Godspeed looks to be coming back with a vengeance. With Reverse Flash already appearing to have a big role coming up in Crisis on Infinite Earth, it will be interesting if Godspeed is included as well. Of course, if Godspeed ends up being a big antagonist outside the crossover event, not many fans would complain.

The Flash season 6 is set to premiere on the CW Tuesday, October 8.

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