The Flash: Barry Doesn’t Wear His Flash Suit In Next Week’s Episode

Next week's episode of The Flash will be costume-free for Barry Allen, allowing the focus to shift to the show's female characters.

Grant Gustin as the Flash

The Flash is changing direction with next week's episode, "Girls Night Out," which will put Barry Allen as the Flash on the sidelines, and as the title suggests, will shine the spotlight on the female characters of the series.

It was reported in August that Emily Bett Rickards would guest star on The Flash as a mini-crossover with Arrow, and that Katee Sackhoff would appear as a villain. The episode was described as a fun "girls night out" in Central City that would lead the girls into trouble. We know from the synopsis for "Girls Night Out" that the girls are celebrating Iris' bachelorette party while Caitlin worries that her time as Killer Frost is coming back to haunt her.

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In speaking with TVLine, The Flash co-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg revealed a few tidbits about "Girls Night Out," with the highlight being that the episode will be the first where Barry doesn't wear his Flash suit, allowing the focus to shift to the show's female characters.

We started with the concept of, ‘Wouldn’t it be really funny if Barry goes for the bachelor party with the guys and Candice goes for a bachelorette party with the girls, and the guys end up having the worst night ever and the girls wind up saving the city?’ That was where we started from, and that’s where it ended up.

The episode will mark a major change in pace for the series, as each episode generally follows the formula of the Flash and his team working together to stop a dangerous metahuman. This time, Barry may not need to suit up as the Flash for "Girls Night Out," but that doesn't mean the episode won't have its share of danger.

At the end of last week's episode, Caitlin saw a message carved into her door, which was apparently left by Katee Sachkoff's character, Amunet. Kreisberg praised Sackhkoff's performance, remarking that her portrayal is "so beyond anything you'd expect from her." Kreisberg adds that Sackhoff is "definitely not playing [Battlestar's] Starbuck." Since its been reported that Caitlin's dark side, Killer Frost, will emerge in the episode, it could be her that will have to fight Amunet, since Iris, Cecile, and Felicity don't have any powers.

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The Flash continues November 7th with "Girls Night Out" on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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