The Flash Finale: 5 Things That Brought Us Closure (& 5 That Didn’t)

The Flash has officially wrapped its fifth season as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his team took on Cicada II (Sarah Carter) once and for all. But it didn’t stop there as Barry and his daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) took on the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh.) In true Flash tradition, the season finale came with several twists and turns as well some big heartbreaks.

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With Season 5 concluded after one of the show’s biggest season finales, it’s time to breakdown the 22nd episode of the season. What brought us closure and what didn’t?  Disclaimer: this will feature full spoilers from “Legacy.”

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10 NO CLOSURE: Killer Frost's Immunity

Throughout the majority of season 5 it was revealed that, somehow, Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) was immune to Cicada’s lightning dagger. There were signs pointing toward Caitlin possibly being one of the key players in defeating Cicada. However, that never turned out to be the case in the finale.

While everyone had a part to play in stopping Grace at the end, Caitlin’s participation didn’t exactly stand out. What was the point with teasing that she was somehow immune to the dagger without paying it off? Will the sixth season maybe answer that? Only time will tell, but it’s doubtful.

9 CLOSURE: Joe West’s Promotion

Season 5 sadly didn’t have as much Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) as we normally do due to the actor’s medical leave earlier this season. But the season finale made up for it, big time, by opening up a new chapter in Joe’s life for season 6.

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Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) gets promoted to Chief of Police and appoints Joe as the new captain of CCPD. Singh also drops another “bomb” by revealing to Barry that he knows that he is The Flash. While this probably means we’ll see less of Singh moving forward, Joe has earned this promotion, without a doubt.

8 NO CLOSURE: The Next Big Bad

In the previous seasons, the season finales or at least the last episodes of the said season have given fans hints of who Barry’s next enemy would be. But in this season finale, there wasn’t even a clue to who may the antagonist for season 6.

Could the post-credit scene be a clue to what’s coming for them? If that’s not it then the villain for season 6 remains a mystery for now.

7 CLOSURE: The End of Cicada II

The fifth season consisted of not one, but two Cicadas running around killing metahumans in Central City. Given that this is a 22-episode season, fans have had to see the team be defeated several times until this episode. But the wait came to an end as the team, through time travel and a butt load of sci-fi methods, stopped Cicada once and for all.

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Despite the younger Grace taking the cure, they were forced to eventually use the mirror gun on the dagger. Once it was destroyed, Cicada II ceased to exist, giving the young version a chance for a positive future.

6 NO CLOSURE: What’s Next for Grace

Grace will eventually be placed into a foster family, but it felt weird seeing Team Flash be done with her. Given the big role she played in this season’s arc, wouldn’t Grace be someone they would want to keep an eye out for? Why couldn’t they take care of her in the meantime?

They know the trauma Grace has gone through, so why not look out for her? Maybe they will check in on her next season, but it sure seemed like the team was done with her.

5 CLOSURE: Sherloque Finally Leaves

There is no denying that The Flash really loves to introduce as many Harrison Wells as possible. Over the course of the series, some of them have worked while others haven’t as much. That is the case for Sherloque Wells as he got old real quick and in many ways, took the role that Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) was meant to serve this season.

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Even though he did help quite a lot, this could have been given to Ralph as he is one of DC’s smartest detectives. But that will have to wait till season 6 as Sherloque officially goes back to his Earth.

4 NO CLOSURE: Cisco’s Decision

While Cisco’s relationship with Kamilla took a major step forward, there was a setback. After battling with this all season long, Cisco ultimately decides to take the metahuman cure. There are two ways to look at Cisco’s decision. On the one hand, Cisco has valid reasons for why he wants to step away from this life.

But looking at the season as a whole, this came out of nowhere following the events of season 4. Cisco was benched for most of the season without any major storylines. Cisco’s only role this season was to develop the metahuman cure (mostly off-screen) and his romance with Kamilla.

Given how the finale portrayed it, it would appear that Cisco may be leaving the show. Should this be the case, it will be one of the Arrowverse’s more unsatisfying exits.

3 CLOSURE: Eobard’s Escape

Since he first reemerged earlier this season, it was only a matter of time before Eobard would be free again. Once the dagger was erased from both timelines, Reverse-Flash became the final threat for the season as Barry and the team took him on once again. But throughout the battle, he made it very clear that this is a more experienced Eobard, making the showdown more intense.

The story of Flash and Reverse-Flash will always be part of the show’s heart and the finale was a pleasant reminder of that. Like Eobard said before running away, until the next crisis…

2 NO CLOSURE: The End of Nora West-Allen

With the dagger destroyed in the present and future, a deadly consequence was revealed. As the dagger got destroyed, a new timeline was coming to life which caused Nora to be erased from existence. Despite being able to save Nora by taking her to the Negative Speed Force, she decides to sacrifice herself which lead to one of the show’s all-time heartbreaking moments.

While it definitely came as a surprise, the show has always been clear on the consequences of time travel. Like Joe says, there will probably be a time again when they do meet Nora again. But for the time being, fans can only speculate whether or not a version of Nora exists back in 2049.

1 CLOSURE: The Crisis is Coming

Similarly to the Arrow season 7 finale, The Flash made sure to give viewers some setups for what’s coming this fall. As we cut to the post-credit scene, the future newspaper begins to change drastically. The year changes from 2024 to 2019, revealing that Iris will be writing her biggest story sooner rather than later.

As we touched upon earlier, it remains unclear right now who the big bad for season 6 is going to be. We know very little so far about the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. However, maybe this final scene is an indicator that the crossover will be set up in an even bigger way compared to previous ones.

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