The Flash Will Disagree With Elongated Man on 'How to Be A Good Guy'

Hartley Sawyer as Elongated Man on the Flash

It was previously reported that season 4 of The Flash would introduce another DC superhero, the Elongated Man. Played by Hartley Sawyer, Ralph Dibny is expected to work alongside Barry Allen at S.T.A.R. Labs. However, it appears that the two will have differing philosophies over "how to be a good guy," indicating that the character won't be as heroic as his comic book counterpart.

At the end of season 3 finale, "Finish Line," Barry made a monumental decision following the defeat of Savitar. Taking the place of Jay Garrick, Barry went into the Speed Force, presumably forever. However, certain circumstances will lead to Barry's return, though the character may be different from the person who went in. As the show heads into a fourth season that will try to make the series fun again, fans will see the Flash face off against a new antagonist, the Thinker (Neil Sandilands), while also crossing paths with other new characters including Sawyer's Elongated Man, Blacksmith (Katee Sackhoff), and Breacher (Danny Trejo).

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In a conversation with TVInsider, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg shared details of the new characters that will appear in season 4. While discussing Elongated Man, Kreisberg suggested that Ralph won't be as heroic as some fans might expect him to be. Kreisberg teases that there will be much conflict between the Flash and Elongated Man over "how to be a good guy."

Elongated Man

Ralph is hitting on everybody all the time. He’s brash and loud and doesn’t listen.

According to Kreisberg, the character will create "one of the big mysteries of the season" with his powers of malleability. Apparently, Team Flash will either be misled or simply not told the truth about how Ralph gained his abilities. In the comic books, Ralph developed his powers after drinking his own version of a popular soda called "Gingold." Ralph created the drink with the extract of a fruit called "gingo."

The reveal that Ralph will clash with Barry may sound reminiscent of Barry's relationship with Julian (Tom Felton) in season 3. Their working relationship was strained by Julian's cynicism, lack of tact, and arrogant behavior. It took half of the season for the two to get over their differences. Julian eventually learned of Barry's secret identity and joined Team Flash.

It could also be that Ralph's involvement in the story will instead set up a shocking twist akin to the season 2 reveal that Team Flash member and Caitlin's love interest, Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), was secretly the villain of the season, Zoom.

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Season 4 of The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.

Source: TVInsider

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