The Flash: Rick Cosnett Teases Eddie Thawne's Return

The Flash - Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne

Ever since the death of Detective Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) in the first season of The Flash, fans of the DC superhero series have been discussing exactly how the character might make a return in the future. With the show’s constant dabbling in the world of time travel, multiple universes and timelines, there's never been a more plausible time for Thawne to make a reappearance. After all, his descendant Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) keeps finding ways to return.

Now the actor behind Thawne has all but confirmed that he’ll be coming back to the show at some point in the near future, despite many of the details surrounding the comeback being kept under wraps.

Speaking to’s Chris Killian (host of the website’s Flashback web series) after last night's episode of The Flash, Cosnett strongly hinated that he could be returning to the show. Though he wouldn’t give anything away about Thawne’s return or how the character would play into the new timelines or storylines viewers have been watching, this new information should offer a glimmer of hope to the character’s biggest fans:

Killian: Is there any chance that we could see Eddie Thawne pop up in the near future?

Cosnett: Definitely… definitely. I can’t say exactly where, but there is definitely a big chance that I could be in this new timeline, so you’ll have to wait and see.

This won’t be Cosnett’s first return to The Flash since his character’s death. Eddie Thawne popped up in episode 17 of season 2, when Barry Allen traveled back in time and inadvertently revealed he was from the future to both Thawne and Joe West. In that appearance, however, Thawne was very much the same person we had come to know throughout season 1. If he makes a return in a different timeline, there’s no telling exactly what Thawne’s personality or life will be like. We’ve seen some dramatic changes in characters already, such as Caitlin Snow’s alternate universe personality as Killer Frost.

Thawne always seemed to be a strong staple of the Flash universe and was a big help in turning the show into such a success. He provided some brilliant chemistry with those around him and Cosnett excelled in bringing a realism to his on-screen rocky relationship with Iris West. Bringing him back would be a great way to see friendships and alliances evolve and change once more.

On the other hand, if Thawne does come back and he’s got a brand new personality, there’s no telling exactly how he’d fit into the mould of where the show is now. If he’s going to come back simply for the fun of it with no grounds to back it up, the move could feel like a stunt rather than something necessary for the series to succeed. Either way, it would seem Cosnett is more than ready to get back into the role, whether that’s in this current third season or in a season in the years to come.

The Flash season 3 continues next Tuesday with ‘Monster’ at 8pm on The CW.


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