The Flash DCEU Solo Movie May Not Be Titled Flashpoint

Warner Bros.' solo Flash movie may no longer be titled Flashpoint. When WB announced their DC film slate a few years back, one of the goals was to get two Justice League movies out quickly, and line up solo film for the core members. Among the iconic DC heroes that were set to play a major role was Flash. Once Ezra Miller was cast for a cameo as Barry Allen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans became excited to see more of his take. Unfortunately, his solo movie has been one of the more troubled projects for DC to develop.

Flash has lost multiple directors over the last few years, with Rick Famuyiwa's exit in 2016 being the biggest setback. The film's script was subsequently retooled with a focus on Flashpoint, and appeared to have lined up Gal Gadot and maybe even Ben Affleck for appearances. That all happened before Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein joined though, and before Walter Hamada took over DC Films. In fact, those recent changes may have resulted in another overhaul.

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THR slyly included a mention of Flash at the end of a report about writer Dan Mazeau adapting Ernest Cline's Armada novel, following the success of Ready Player One. Near the end of the article, it mentions that Mazeau "worked on the Warner Bros.' Flash movie project when it was titled Flashpoint." This immediately caught the attention of many thanks to the past-tense phrasing regarding the film's title being FlashpointTHR's Borys Kit clarified the situation a bit on Twitter, indicating that there may be more details to come:

I didn't say they weren't adapting Flashpoint. All I said was that it wouldn't be titled Flashpoint. But maybe I've said too much. ?

— Borys Kit (@Borys_Kit) April 3, 2018

The idea of Daley and Goldstein's film changing back to just a Flash solo movie currently makes much more sense for the character. Justice League may have given him a good amount of screentime, but audiences still don't really know Miller's version of Barry Allen. Adapting Flashpoint - a time-traveling story where Barry alters history to save his mother's life - could be a hard sell. That is a story that would best be told after audiences already learned about his origin and became attached to him more.

The change could also be a result of the new creatives in charge of DC. We still don't know that much about what Hamada wants to do, but Shazam! suggests he wants to lighten things up. Flashpoint's alternate world doesn't fall in line with that strategy, but a fun coming-of-age superhero movie (like Spider-Man: Homecoming, which Daley and Goldstein wrote) does. It would also make the casting search to fill multiple roles from Flash's villain gallery easier to understand. Daley and Goldstein may yet pull some ideas from Flashpoint, but it no longer appears that the movie itself will be titled after that storyline.

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Source: THR, Borys Kit

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