Flash Just Lost His Speed in The Most SHOCKING Way

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Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS for The Flash #68

The Flash has lost and regained his speed plenty of times over the years, but DC Comics has just raised the bar by asking the darkest question yet. What good is Barry Allen's speed... if he has no legs to run?

It's hard to believe that The Flash comic would cross such a line, and there will surely be some way for Barry to reverse time, repair the damage, and put the villains responsible behind bars. But for the time being he will have to figure out how to remain 'the fastest man alive' even with both legs removed from the knees down. Even for a villain like Trickster, using a chainsaw feels a little inelegant.

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The Flash Finally Gets Trick(ster)ed

Flash Shot By Commander Cold Comic

We'll get to the gruesome cliffhanger in a moment, and how it was all revealed as much as a shock to Barry Allen as the reader. But the story of how The Flash lost his legs (literally) is just as surprising due to the villain which pulled it off. Normally we would expect an enemy like Reverse-Flash, Gorilla Grodd, or even Captain Cold to go too far and turn comic book fantasy into horror. But this time? It's all thanks to James Jesse a.k.a. Trickster. And after pulling off this disappearing act, his place in Flash history has been all but cemented.

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His plan? To unlock the powers of the Sage Force, a cosmic partner to the Speed Force channeled by The Flash, and use it to exhibit control over people's minds instead of their physical bodies. And on the surface, his scheme isn't so terrible: he intends to force the residents of Central City to be happy. Of course, being a supervillain, that happiness is soon used as leverage to drive everyone in the city to hand-to-hand, murderous combat to protect such a gift.

Flash Comic Knocked Out By Trickster

Just when it seems like Flash and his partner Commander Cold (a hero from the future stranded in the current era) are poised to stop and reverse this diabolical plot, the other shoe is dropped. Commander Cold is revealed to have fallen prey to Trickster's spell--no Speed Force protection for him--and unconsciously serves James Jesse's orders instead. So as the lights fade and Barry Allen loses consciousness, the true brilliance of Trickster's plotting begins to take shape. This is where he hoped to end up all along.

But nobody, least of all The Flash himself, expects what comes next. Because the Barry Allen who wakes up from his black out is not the whole man he was before. We recommend reading the shocking ending for yourselves, but if it's dismemberment you wish to see, then SPOILERS ahead...

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