Flash is Losing His Speed (at The Worst Possible Time)

Villains like Zoom or Captain Cold might grab the headlines, but with The Flash's speed slowly failing, it's looking more and more like The Trickster may actually be the biggest threat coming Barry Allen's way.

That's judging by the latest adventures of DC's scarlet speedster, already overwhelmed by a new and mysterious master plan enacted by Hunter Zolomon, not to mention the strange new Speed-Force-equivalents unleashed upon the DC Universe. But as our exclusive preview of The Flash #67 reveals, The Trickster is choosing this opportune moment to stage his criminal comeback in grand fashion. Making this an even less desirable time for Barry to feel his connection to the Speed Force... failing.

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The Flash #66 set up this new Trickster-oriented chapter by giving the Rogue an entire issue all his own. The standalone Rogue 'profile' walked readers through the origin story of James Jesse, the original Trickster. And the story succeeded in making him something of a sympathetic figure, forgotten and made a mockery of by the Rogues who abandoned him. Now that he's out of Iron Heights Prison, he looks to unveil his greatest trick yet.

Just what that trick actually is has yet to be revealed. But with Trickster teasing it as "the greatest horror of The Flash's life," things are not looking good for Barry Allen. Take a look at the preview pages embedded below:

Flash Comic 67 Cover
Flash Comic 67 Variant Cover
Flash Comic 67 Preview 1
Flash Comic 67 Preview 2
Flash Comic 67 Preview 3
Flash Comic 67 Preview 4
Flash Comic 67 Preview 5
Flash Comic 67 Preview 6

Barry does a solid job of catching readers up to speed on his latest trials, villainous battles, and new looming threats. In the process, showing just how much lapsed readers may have missed (with so many complications, the death of Wally West seems like a relatively straightforward burden by comparison). But as heartbreaking as the loss of one Flash will always be, the fact that Barry's link to the Speed Force has begun to weaken in its wake could suggest an even larger conflict. But what, or who is the cause? And is there any way for Barry to reverse the trend. once he unlocks the secret?

The rest of the issue will hopefully settle that question, but until then, read on for the full synopsis and details below:

  • THE FLASH (2019) #67
  • Published: March 27th, 2019
  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Art: Christian Duce Fernandez
  • Cover: Jordi Tarragona, Rafa Sandoval
  • Variant Cover: Ryan Sook
  • The Flash is running himself ragged trying to learn about the new forces, but all it’s done is tear his life apart. Now that he’s back from his Force Quest and home in Central City, he finds that the city was just fine without him, better even! His home is crime-free, and it doesn’t need the Flash anymore! But where has Commander Cold gone? Barry races to find him and hopefully figure out what’s happened while he was away!

The Flash #67 will be available on March 27th, from DC Comics.

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