Justice League: Ray Fisher Explains Flash & Cyborg Bond

Justice League star Ray Fisher is teasing how Victor Stone/Cyborg's friendship with Ezra Miller's Barry Allen/The Flash develops and strengthens throughout the film. When it comes to the upcoming event film, both Miller's Flash and Fisher's Cyborg are shaping up to be two of the most exciting aspects of it, having not been given much screen time in any of the previous DC films, aside from their brief introductory cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And in case that wasn't already enough, Victor Stone and Barry Allen are both set to have important tenures in the future of the cinematic universe, respectively, in addition to their permanent roles as members of the Justice League.

While the film is still over a month away from hitting theaters, those involved haven't been shy about teasing Barry and Victor's instantaneous bond, which will apparently include more than a few memorable, strong interactions between the two throughout. Indeed, The Flash and Cyborg are currently being set up as having one of the core friendships of the DC cinematic universe - although, that likely won't come as much of a surprise to anyone who's familiar with the characters' shared comic book history.

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During an interview with Geek Magazine, Fisher opened up about Victor's friendship with Barry in Justice League, along with what aspects of their bond he hopes to further explore in some of the future films:

"Barry has undergone a traumatic accident and that turned him into the Flash, which is something that bonds the two of these guys. I hope we get to touch on that. In the future, the fact that the accident that took Victor's body is basically the precursor to him getting his powers. And the accident that turned Barry into the Flash are two separate, but very similar events that happened to these guys.

And both of them deal with their accidents in different ways. Victor's is very much on the outside, and Barry's is on the level of the Speed Force. He doesn't completely understand that either. So somebody having an external struggle and somebody struggling with the internal struggle of it, 'Any moment, this mysterious force could rip my body into a million pieces'... that's interesting."

As most fans may already know, The Flash and Cyborg's relationship in Justice League was being set up to be carried over directly into The Flash solo movie, with Cyborg confirmed to be playing a significant role in it. However, that was before director Rick Famuyiwa left The Flash, and thanks to several release date shifts/behind-the-scenes creative changes since then, it's unclear whether or not Warner Bros. is planning on pursuing a similar plan with the two characters now.

But the same can be said for both The Flash and Cyborg solo movies at this point, neither of which have directors at the moment. And with projects like the Wonder Woman sequel and Shazam moving forward first, it's hard to know at this point what the exact futures for both of these flagship DC characters will look like. The only thing that appears to be a certainty right now when it comes to Barry Allen and Victor Stone, post-Justice League, is that they'll at least continue to be the strong friends that fans are waiting to see them be.

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Source: Geek Magazine

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