The Flash Crossover Episode Reveals First Look at Hall of Justice

CW DCTV crossover - Supergirl, Flash and Arrow

The CW has continued to double down on their DC universe by bringing the shows together when possible. Outside of the cross-network crossover between The Flash and Supergirl last year, The CW has continued to bring characters from all four series together -- but nothing quite as big as this week has yet happened. The Heroes vs Aliens, or Invasion!, four-part event started on Monday, but the overarching event really kicked off tonight as Flash traveled across his and other Earths to gather the super power necessary to fight the newest threat: The Dominators.

Once Barry assembled Team Arrow, Supergirl, and the Legends, they needed someplace to meet and train. They end up at an old STAR Labs facility, which had a striking resemblance to another famous building in the history of DC. The building may not seem like much now, but in time it will be the Hall of Justice for The CW's DC universe.

The Hall of Justice is an easily recognizable building for any DC fan, whether that be from comics or other mediums. The Hall was first introduced in Superfriends cartoon in the 1970's and has since appeared in various forms of DC entertainment. However, this is the first live-action version of the building to be seen and producer Marc Guggenheim told ComicBook that the building used in the following photos is the actual building that the design was originally based on.

The Flash Hall of Justice

The Flash Hall of Justice night

The introduction of the Hall of Justice at this stage is almost needed with how populated this universe has become with superheroes. The posters for the crossover teased the Hall in the background, but viewers have now been able to see the Hall fully realized in its live-action debut.

While this is the Hall of Justice, it will not be like it is in the DC lore just yet. The foundation of the Hall has already been changed, but right now it is simply an old STAR Labs facility that Barry happens to have access to. In time, it will likely start to more closely serve the purpose of the Hall of Justice, but for now it could stay unused, or work as a new headquarters for Team Flash.

The newest Harrison Wells is adamant on turning their current STAR Labs facility back into an operational business open to visitors, so should he succeed, Flash and friends will need a new building to operate out of. The Hall of Justice building could serve that role in the future, but hopefully viewers will be able to see the Hall of Justice in all its glory before too long.

The Flash continues next Tuesday with ‘The Present’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: ComicBook

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