The Flash Concept Art Reveals Kid Flash, The Rival & Black Siren

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[WARNING: SPOILERS for The Flash season 3 premiere ahead.]

A brand new episode of The Flash season 3 airs this week (at the time of writing this), as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) continues to face the ramifications of his actions that eventually brought on the "Flashpoint" storyline that played out in the season 3 premier episode. Aside from trying to date an alternate reality Iris West (Candice Patton) though, and enjoying the company of his still-alive parents, Barry was also introduced in the alternate universe to a superpowered version of Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) as Kid Flash and Wally's own archnemesis, The Rival (Todd Lasance).

The season 3 premiere seemed to tease more of a future for The Rival than his limited role in the "Flashpoint" universe had made it seem initially as well - all of which seems to be leading up the eventual introduction of Savitar and Dr. Alchemy later this season (judging by the "Flashpoint" end scene teaser). In the meantime though, new concept art from the series has been revealed, showing how closely some of the new costumes this season ended up being to their original designs.

The concept art comes from Vancouver-based artist Andy Poon, who revealed not only the initial drawn designs for Kid Flash and The Rival, but also for Katie Cassidy's Black Siren as well (who had a brief one-episode role near the end of The Flash's second season). It doesn't seem like there was much variation from the page to the screen with these costumes either. See the concept art below:

I'm changing throwback Thursday to Flashback Thursday. The Flash season 3 premieres this week so here is a concept of Black Siren, Earth 2 evil doppelganger of Black Canary for The Flash season 2. #LaurelLance #BlackCanary #BlackSiren @dccomics @cwtheflash #costume #concept #illustration #KatieCassidy #earth2 #zoom #doppelganger

A photo posted by Andy Poon (@andypoondesign) on

Happy Friday! Concept of The Rival for The Flash season 3, costume design by Maya Mani. #DC #CW #TheFlash #FlashPoint #TheRival #Speedster #costume #concept #illustration

A photo posted by Andy Poon (@andypoondesign) on

Happy Friday! Concept of Kid Flash for The Flash season 3, costume design by Maya Mani. @dccomics @cwtheflash #TheFlash #FlashPoint #WallyWest #Speedster #costume #concept #illustration @keiynanlonsdale

A photo posted by Andy Poon (@andypoondesign) on


To its credit, The Flash has done a fairly solid job so far when it comes to adapting iconic comic book costumes for the small screen, while also sticking within their own budgetary restraints. Both The Rival and Kid Flash introduced unique variations on the Speedster costumes that we've become accustomed to, with the Kid Flash costume in particular looking just different enough from the Reverse-Flash's striking, all-yellow suit.

The possibility of seeing Cassidy's Black Siren return at some point seems open-ended for the time being as well, with her character still very much being alive in the multiverse. After all, it would only require Barry or one of the S.T.A.R. Labs crew members to accidentally let her back into their world for her to return onscreen, or to accidentally stumble upon her while visiting Earth-2. Until then though, it seems safe to say based on the ending of last week's season premiere, that, while it may be some time before Wally dons his Kid Flash costume again, it may not be nearly as long before The Rival returns.

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The Flash season 3 airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW, Arrow season 5 airs Wednesdays in the same timeslot, Supergirl season 2 debuts Monday October 10, and Legends of Tomorrow season 2 on Thursday October 13.

Source: Andy Poon

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