The Flash Confirms [SPOILER] is DC's Fastest Hero

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Warning: SPOILERS for DCeased

The DCeased comic event may be remembered as a nightmare to Justice League fans, but it also earns its place in comics history... by confirming the one superhero who could be infinitely faster than The Flash. And honestly, it's not even close.

The debate has never ended and likely never will, with the Speed Force mythology, and the powers of DC's Flash Family constantly changing. Ask the writers, and they'll usually agree that Wally West is the the fastest Flash of all time. And while it used to be agreed that any Flash would beat Superman in a race, it turns out readers were looking at the wrong alien superhero for The Flash's true rival. DCeased reveals the fastest being in DC's Universe beyond a shadow of a doubt -- it's just too bad he has to be corrupted into a bloodthirsty Martian monster to claim the record.

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Fans can be forgiven for not noticing this historic moment worthy of The Flash Museum, since it arrives just moments before Barry Allen is infected with the undead plague driving DCeased's horror. The issue will likely be remembered for forcing Superman to kill Zombie Flash, but it's the moment right before the death of Barry Allen that confirms Martian Manhunter as DC's fastest creature:

Martian Manhunter Faster Than Flash DCeased

While Barry Allen would never state J'onn J'onzz is faster in casual conversation, let alone in a disaster like DCeased, the scene speaks for itself. Barry Allen is gifted with perception fast enough to practically freeze time to a perfect stand-still. But when an unknown figure breaches the Fortress of Solitude to slice Lex Luthor in half, it's Barry who reveals the attacker moved too quickly for him to even recognize. Considering Martian Manhunter's grotesque and massive form when he actually did it, that is saying something.

For those who know J'onn this won't be too shocking, since Martian Manhunter is way more powerful than Superman (basically possessing all of the Man of Steel's powers... plus being a psychic, changing form, you name it). And while one might argue J'onn could blind the heroes to his presence telepathically, that seems well beyond the skills of those infected with the plague. Plus, he's completely visible when he stops long enough to kill Flash, too. Which leaves the truth of the matter indisputable: Martian Mahunter could -- perhaps only if driven mad by rage and hunger -- strike so quickly, even The Flash wouldn't be fast enough to witness it. Thank goodness he's dead.

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