The Flash: Gypsy Will Show Cisco The Potential of His Powers

Cisco as Vibe in The Flash

On The Flash, Cisco Ramon has always been much more than a sidekick. His initial enthusiasm for Barry's growth as The Flash lead to a number of fantastic inventions designed to help them fight metahuamns, as well as a ton of encouragement for his friend. When Cisco discovered he was also a metahuman, he was not thrilled with the responsibility. But he still used his powers, in spite of his reluctance, when Patty was kidnapped. Because of him, Barry was able to find and rescue her, and Cisco began to accept the benefits of his abilities not long after.

It was after visiting Earth-2 that Cisco started to learn how much more he could be doing. Once he saw his alternate self, Reverb, weaponize his vibratory powers, Cisco learned he could do the same -in time. Despite his Earth-2 doppleganger being a villain, Cisco has never had the same fears as Caitlin Snow about his powers turning him evil. Instead, he took his inspiration and made the gloves he now wears to use his powers as a weapon when he goes into the field to fight.

But there is more still to Cisco's powers, and it sounds like he's going to learn what else he is capable of from another metahuman with similar abilities. In the upcoming episode 'Dead or Alive' a metahuman named Gypsy, with vibe powers, is going to show up. She's a bounty hunter from Earth-19 looking for H.R.

Gypsy and Vibe in Justice League Comic

According to CBR, executive producer Aaron Helberg recently spoke about how Cisco will be influenced by Gypsy:

“We’re going to see Cisco really realize what he can do... Gypsy is a very formidable adversary. He never realized the extent of his powers, and because of seeing Gypsy, he’s going to become more and more in tune with his powers and what he can do, whether it’s crossing dimensions or opening breaches much faster and quicker. He’s going to be building confidence, and that’ll definitely play into the rest of the season of helping Barry and the team stop Savitar from killing Iris.”

It sounds like Cisco will be inspired by Gypsy to expand his abilities the same way he was inspired by Reverb. Helberg also mentioned that even though they will be fighting each other, Gypsy is “someone he can’t stop thinking about.” Which sounds more romantic than adversarial. If that is true, it would not be the first time Cisco's had a crush on an enemy, he fell pretty hard for Lisa Snart/Golden Glider in season 1. And that was in spite of her part in kidnapping him and his brother.

The Flash returns to the CW on Tuesday January 24 at 8 p.m. with ‘Borrowing Problems from the Future’.

Source: CBR

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