The Flash 'Cause and Effect' Trailer: Cisco Has a Plan for Savitar

Savitar in The Flash Season 3

[SPOILERS ahead for those not caught up on The Flash.]

The trailer for next week's The Flash episode teases what happens next, now that Savitar's true identity has been revealed. In The Flash's first two seasons, Barry and his friends were rocked to the core when that their biggest enemies were really their friends in disguise. Both Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zoloman took on new identities and hid in plain sight, as members of Team Flash. At this point, it would almost make sense for the team to look inward at themselves, the next time a speedster threatens them.

Something similar happened during last night's The Flash's season 3 episode, 'I Know Who You Are'. The villain was not a mentor this time, as both the fake Wells and Jay pretended to be. Instead, Barry himself is Savitar - or at least he will be one day in the future. This is not really a complete shock to fans, as the theory that Savitar's words "I am the future Flash" were meant literally has been around for awhile. However, it was certainly a shock to Barry and will be to his team, when they find out. Trying to wrap their heads around what would push Barry to evil - and even to killing Iris - will certainly be a difficult task.

In the trailer for next week's The Flash episode 'Cause and Effect' - see above - Team Flash does not seem to be as focused on the why as they are on how to stop Savitar now. That is when Cisco comes up with a plan to take away one of Savitar's greatest assets. The plan, however, appears to go horribly wrong, at least at first.

The Flash Savitar Choking Jesse Quick

After a quick moment that shows the next episode will pick up where the previous one ended, the action moves to Team Flash. Barry does not keep his revelation a secret from the rest of the team. They realize that Savitar remembers everything Barry did because he did it himself. Cisco suggests they take away Barry's ability to form new memories, so Savitar loses his advantage. Barry agrees, but Cisco's experiment works a little too well - leaving Barry with amnesia.

Barry telling the team who Savitar is right away is fairly indicative of how much he has grown as a hero over the last few years. He's learned how much damage secrets can cause. Recently, he nearly lost his friendship with Cisco after keeping the truth about Dante's death a secret. And with Iris more or less living with a countdown clock over her head, he does not have time to waste trying to protect them from knowing that he will one day turn evil.

Barry has always been one of the lighter and more upbeat heroes of the Arrowverse, unlike his friend Oliver Queen from Arrow, so it's hard to imagine what it would take to turn cheery and upbeat Barry Allen into a super villain capable of murdering Iris and leaving the rest of Team Flash in shambles. Trying to prevent Barry from forming new memories may be a short term solution into helping the team fight Savitar. However, if Team Flash can figure out what it is that turns Barry to evil in the first place and prevent it - they can change the future and Savitar will never happen at all.

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The Flash continues with 'Cause and Effect' at 8 pm on Tuesday, May 9th on the CW.

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