The Flash: Candice Patton Wants Iris & Barry to Have a Kid

The Flash's Candice Patton thinks that "the next step" for Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris is for the couple to have a child. With the arrival of a mystery girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy) who fans believe could be the Flash's daughter from the future, it's possible that this could happen somewhere down the line.

Barry and Iris have come a long way from the first season, when Barry shared an unrequited love for Iris. Over time, things changed, and Iris eventually developed feelings for Barry. The two finally got married in this season's Arrowverse crossover event, "Crisis on Earth-X." Their wedding was a moment fans had been waiting for, and now that's it passed, some fans are hoping that the couple will go even further and have a child. After all, in the comic books, Barry and Iris actually have twins, Don and Dawn Allen, who grow up to become the speedster duo, the Tornado Twins.

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In an interview with TV Guide and other outlets, Candice Patton said that all of the items on her "bucket list" have already been checked, and jokingly said that if she were to be killed off tomorrow, she'd feel like she "had a good run." It's true that Iris has had her share of important storylines, including serving as leader of Team Flash and becoming a speedster. However, Patton does have one thing she'd like to see Barry and Iris do; Patton wants the two to have a baby at some point in the series, though she's not sure when this could happen:

"I mean, no one wants to see pregnant Iris, but yeah, I think the next step, I guess, would be eventually to see Barry and Iris have a kid. I don't know when that could possibly happen with what they're trying to do."

Barry and Iris The Flash

Giving Barry and Iris a child would be challenging for the writers, as it would give added responsibilities to the couple, and give both characters good reasons to give up crime-fighting. At the very least, Iris would have to give up her role as team leader in order to care for the child.

The introduction of Jessica Parker Kennedy's character has already caused fans to speculate if a baby is in the couple's future. The mystery girl appeared to be unusually enthusiastic about their wedding, which she referred to as "one for the ages". The character has since had awkward encounters with other members of Team Flash. With time travel playing a major role in some of the show's most pivotal moments, Barry and Iris' daughter visiting from the future doesn't seem too far-fetched. However, recent comments from showrunner Todd Helbing have cast doubts on this theory. We'll just have to wait and see what happens down the line. But for now, it seems like Iris and Barry's marriage continues to prosper.

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The Flash season 4 continues with "Null and Annoyed" on April 10 on The CW.

Source: TV Guide

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