The Flash Casts Veronica Mars Actor As Caitlin Snow's Father

Veronica Mars and Homicide: Life on the Street actor Kyle Secor has been cast as the father of Caitlin Snow for season 5 of The CW's The Flash. Dr. Thomas Snow, who was previously thought to be dead, will attempt to reconnect with his daughter while visiting Central City. The casting announcement confirms an earlier rumor about Caitlin's father being in season 5.

The first four seasons of The Flash have not been kind to Danielle Panabaker's Caitlin Snow. The character lost her fiancé Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm twice in the show's first season. Her season 2 love interest, Jay Garrick, was revealed to be the season's main villain, Zoom. As a side effect of "Flashpoint", Caitlin developed superpowers and a murderous alter ego known as Killer Frost. After spending a great deal of time fighting with Killer Frost for control over her body, Caitlin began to grow more accepting of her other self.

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EW reports that Kyle Secor will recur in season 5 as Caitlin's father. According to EW, Dr. Thomas Snow will try to "make up for lost time" with Caitlin, who has no idea that her father is hiding "a big secret." Her mother, Dr. Carla Tannhauser (Susan Walters) will also be making an appearance for the first time since her guest-starring role in an episode of season 3. Showrunner Todd Helbing says that Caitlin will go to Carla to learn more about her past and Cecile's mysterious reference to Thomas in the season 4 finale. The introduction of Thomas is expected to finally explain the mystery of Killer Frost's origin.

So you’re going to learn about exactly who he is and how he plays into the season and Caitlin and Killer Frost, and really just that whole mystery about where she comes from and how she was created is explained.

Caitlin's past is one of the biggest lingering mysteries on the show. A repressed memory in season 4 revealed that Caitlin was Killer Frost as a child, which means that her being a metahuman actually has nothing do with the particle accelerator. In the finale, Cecile was using her psychic powers when she suddenly said, "We found Thomas. He's been this way all this time," but no explanation was given for the cryptic remark. With the casting of Secor, it's safe to say that season 5 will clear up this mystery.

What we know about Thomas is that he and Caitlin were very close before his death, which was caused by multiple sclerosis. Caitlin's mother tried to save him, but was unsuccessful. His death is what drove the two apart. However, the revelation that Thomas is still alive suggests that Carla may have known the truth all along, and that somehow one - or both - of Caitlin's parents had some secret knowledge of Killer Frost, and may have even had a hand in creating her alter ego.

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Season 5 of The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 9th on The CW.

Source: EW

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