The Flash: Who Are The Remaining Bus Metas?

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Warning! SPOILERS for The Flash season 4, episode 16 ahead!


In tonight's episode of The Flash, Harry puts on his thinking cap (literally) and deduces the names for the two remaining bus metas. It was during 'Run, Iris, Run' that the third bus meta was revealed: Matthew Kim, an EMT with the ability to transfer one person's powers to another by melting the bonds between their DNA; Cisco coined him, Melting Pot. Matthew is who gives Barry's super-speed to Iris, though it's entirely on accident, and having been more or less a good meta - at least, a meta with good intentions - he agrees to join Team Flash in their fight against Devoe (after giving Barry back his super-speed, that is).

With Ralph already a member of Team Flash and now Matthew, they have two of the remaining four bus metas accounted for, and thanks to Harry and his Thinking Cap (sorry, Intelligence Booster), Team Flash has at least the names of the other two - Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss. Now, these names aren't for any characters who've appeared or been mentioned on the show before, but that doesn't mean there aren't clues which could hint at just who these characters might be.

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The first name doesn't match any existing character in the DC Comics universe, but the second name does. Edwin Gauss is a direct pull from the comics and is the given name for one of the (admittedly lesser known) Rogues - the Folded Man. An earlier casting breakdown already revealed that the Folded Man was set to appear this season, but tonight's episode adds the detail that he's one of the metas created when Barry exited the Speed Force and doused a city bus in dark matter (just as Devoe had planned). This suggests Edwin Gauss/Folded Man won't necessarily be a Rogue like in the comics, though he may still be a villain, and it's likely The Flash is interested in the character for his powers more than anything else.

The Folded Man can slice people in half with his second-dimension powers

In the comics, the Folded Man isn't a meta but rather a genius who builds a suit that allows him to travel between the second, third, and fourth dimensions. When in 2D, he appears completely flat and isn't solid, which means he can't be hit or seen when at a side angle. In 4D, Edwin can see across the dimension in all directions and open portals, using them to attack unsuspecting enemies. Just how The Flash decides to adapt these powers remains to be seen, but that casting breakdown describes the Folded Man as having "a power that makes him very hard to track." This fits with the dimensional shifting, as does the making of portals, though that may be too similar to Cisco's vibe ability for the show to include.

As for Janet Petty, she isn't as easy to track down since that name isn't associated with any characters in the DC Comics universe. However, seeing as tonight's episode ends with Harry's revelation, it really only makes sense for The Flash to tackle one of these bus metas when it returns from hiatus. The next episode is titled, 'Null and Annoyed', and it will see Team Flash going up against a meta with the ability to control gravity. Those powers (as well as the episode's title) match another character mentioned in that earlier casting breakdown: Null, a jewel thief who manipulates gravity.

This by no means confirms that Janet Petty is Null, but there's a strong likelihood given that locating the bus metas whom Harry names is sure to be Team Flash's top priority and the next time trailer for 'Null and Annoyed' clearly shows Team Flash battling a gravity-controlling meta. The Null character is also listed as being a recurring role in that casting breakdown, so it's possible that like Melting Pot, Null will join forces with Team Flash to fight Devoe. Either that, or expect Janet Petty/Null to become The Thinker's next face.

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The Flash season 4 continues on Tuesday, April 10th with 'Null and Annoyed' at 8pm/9c on The CW.

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