The Flash: 10 Best Meta Powers Of All Time, Ranked

The finale of The Flash's fifth season left fans with quite a few changes to deal with, including the loss of Vibe from Team Flash. While Cisco Ramon will presumably remain with the series for its upcoming sixth season despite rumors to the contrary, Vibe won't return after he lost his powers after choosing to take the meta-cure that was introduced this season.

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This will prove to be a great loss for Team Flash, as Cisco's Vibe powers aided the team in many ways and were arguably one of the best power sets ever seen on The Flash. But why argue about it? Let's take a look at the 10 best meta powers of all time in honor of poor Cisco's departed abilities.

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10 Energy Absorption

While energy absorption is kind of a broad term, it is one of the most common abilities to appear in the Arrowverse's meta roster, though in many different forms. Some characters like the Russel Glosson/The Turtle can absorb kinetic energy to freeze objects in place around them, while Gridlock could absorb kinetic energy and then redirect it offensively.

Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost can both absorb forms of energy, while Farooq Gibran/Blackout and Jake Simmons/Deathbolt could absorb and rechannel electricity, Henry Hewitt/Tomahawk did the same with ambient energy, and Al Rothstein/Atom-Smasher could increase his size by absorbing radiation.

9 Probability Manipulation

Becky Sharpe was first introduced in "Luck Be a Lady" after being empowered by the dark matter wave unleashed by the Speed Force that created the "bus metas" from the fourth season. Becky's abilities were best summed up by Cisco as a "good luck field," though there was a darker side to her powers that resulted in Cisco also naming her Hazard.

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In scientific terms, Sharpe was able to influence probability by passively manipulating the quantum particles around her in her favor. Unfortunately, this meant the resultant bad luck kicked up by her manipulation field would occur to those around her, with her bad luck radius increasing exponentially the more she used her powers.

8 Gravity Manipulation

The manipulation of gravity is a very powerful ability that was somewhat underutilized by Janet Petty/Null, who appeared in "Null and Annoyed" in the fourth season. Null's abilities extended to her and those she touched and allowed her to basically alter their connection to gravity in various ways.

This allowed Null to float or cause others to float, crawl on walls, and in one case she sent a vehicle up into the sky until her powers wore off, forcing Flash to catch it. The sheer potential of these abilities was vast but left largely unexplored after her powers were absorbed and she was killed by the Thinker... but more on him soon.

7 Technopathy

The dark matter wave unleashed by Barry's return from the Speed Force created a number of incredible power sets, presumably to increase the threat of the Thinker as he acquired the various abilities of the bus metas. One such meta was another example of the huge potential that was squandered by the revenge schemes of Ramsey Deacon/Kilg%re.

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Technopathy is the ability to mentally control machines, which Kilg%re achieved by infecting technology with his own unique bio-virus that overwrote the original programming with his own. Kilg%re could have done so much more with his power if he hadn't been blinded by revenge.

6 Telepathy

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While Kilg%re influenced the artificial minds, there have been a few characters on the show who were able to do the same with human minds. Telepathy is not an unknown power set to fans and features in a number of other stories and characters across all mediums.

Cecille Horton was the latest character to showcase telepathy, though her abilities were more empathic in nature. Grodd and Savitar of the Earth-2 Apes both had telepathic abilities, and Dominic Lanse/Brainstorm's telepathic abilities allowed him to hack into the minds of others, though he didn't learn about that ability until the Thinker used it on Flash.

5 Superintelligence

Speaking of the Thinker, Clifford DeVoe gained his meta-abilities from the initial particle accelerator explosion that was thought to have created metas in Central City. He was struck while wearing his "Thinking Cap," which caused his brain to be affected and his intelligence to be increased exponentially.

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DeVoe's increasing intelligence increased his brainpower but left his body weakened, which required him to assimilate more dark matter while also absorbing the abilities of other metas. He used these abilities and his advanced technology to transfer his consciousness into the bodies of other metas while retaining his various stolen powers, making him a serious threat.

4 Magnetokinesis

The power of magnetism, or mental mastery of metal, has been seen a few times in the Arrowverse. Flash and friends first encountered the ability in the third season episode "Magenta" which introduced Frankie Kane, whose split identity Magenta wielded powerful control over metal.

The fourth season saw the introduction of Amunet Black, whose magnetokinesis was more limited than Magenta's as she primarily controlled a special set of bolts made from an allow that she could manipulate and charge up to explode. Finally, The latest season saw librarian Renee Adler exhibit magnetokinesis which caused her to be targeted by the second Cicada.

3 Interdimensional Teleportation

We already mentioned Cisco Ramon and his Vibe powers, and how the meta-cure stripped Team Flash of one of their most useful members. But why is Vibe's power set such a crucial element to Team Flash and their protection of Central City? The key is one of Vibe's main abilities, interdimensional teleportation, which Cisco used to protect his entire dimension from breaches.

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The Flash introduced the idea of the DC Multiverse into the Arrowverse initially, and it was through Vibe that they were able to further explore the various Earths of the multiverse. This ability is shared by other "vibers" across the multiverse like Gypsy, Breacher, and the Earth-2 version of Cisco and Reverb. Of course, Vibers aren't the only ones with this ability, but more on that soon.

2 Nucleokinesis

One of the most powerful abilities is actually a power set that can be summed up under the name of "nucleokinesis," but is better understood through the character(s) of Firestorm. Over the various seasons of The Flash, and later Legends of Tomorrow, we've seen a few characters combine using the Firestorm Matrix, which grants their unified body incredible nuclear power.

This resulted in the ability to transmute various elements on the periodic table into other elements, meaning Firestorm can basically alter any form of energy or matter into anything he wants. Firestorm is also basically a living nuclear reactor, and as such is able to create, absorb, and channel huge amounts of energy with various destructive potential.

1 Super Speed

It obviously makes sense that the number one meta power on The Flash is super-speed, given that a number of characters have this ability due to a connection to the Speed Force. Super-speed abilities helped drive the earlier seasons of the show as Barry Allen's claims to being the fastest man alive were frequently challenged by new speedsters.

Not only was it one of the most prolific power sets to appear on the series, but it is also the most varied, considering all of the different things speedsters can do. Running fast is only the beginning, as Barry and Team Flash were forced to use his connection to the Speed Force in many ways, including vibratory phasing, wind funnels, quick healing, interdimensional travel, and of course, time-travel.

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