Barry & Iris' Honeymoon Gets Interrupted in The Flash Deleted Scene

A deleted scene from tonight's episode of The Flash sees Barry and Iris' honeymoon interrupted by a familiar antagonist. Ever since the newspaper in the Time Vault revealed that Barry and Iris would be married in the future, fans have been anticipating the union of the comic book couple. Though last season based itself around a massive stumbling block for the pair's nuptials, the past few episodes have offered a considerably lighter tone. Still, Crisis on Earth-X proved the ceremony couldn't go off without a hitch.

Despite Nazi doppelgängers invading from a parallel Earth, both Iris and Barry made it out of the crossover alive and the whole event ended with the two finally tying the knot. What's more, but Oliver and Felicity joined in on the action. This week's Arrow will see the Star City couple celebrating with their friends and family, but it looks as if The Flash and his betrothed won't even get a chance to enjoy their honeymoon.

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TV Line has an exclusive deleted scene from tonight's midseason finale of The Flash, 'Don't Run,' that sees Ralph Dibny once again act as a thorn in the side of Barry. With S.T.A.R. Labs decorated for Christmas, Dibny decides to use Team Flash's highly advanced computer system to stream some Stranger Things but naturally sets off a Level 11 alert instead. Barry rushes himself and Iris to the scene, and season 4's signature comedy ensues.

Grant Gustin and Hartley Sawyer in The Flash

Last week, we saw the midseason finale trailer for The Flash which teased plenty of chaos for the heroes. Caitlin will be dealt a major blow when Amunet returns and attempts to bring Killer Frost back into her employ. Meanwhile, The Thinker will target Joe to trap Barry in a speed prison. The resulting two-front conflict will force Iris to make a difficult choice as she decides where to allocate the team's resources.

Given all the darkness that seems ready to unfold in tonight's episode, it does seem strange that such a fun and lighthearted scene would be cut. The increase in levity has worked like gangbusters for this season of The Flash, and the interrupted honeymoon is one of the show's best gags yet. Likely, however, it wasn't tonally consistent with the rest of the episode and a more serious vibe was preferred for what's sure to be a tense outing for Team Flash.

In other The Flash news, Kendrick Sampson has been cast as Brainstorm, a psychic meta who will have a multi-episode arc on The Flash. Season 4 has done a great job of injecting new and exciting metas into the show, recapturing some of season 1's magic. Hopefully, Brainstorm will work as well as Dibny, Hazard, and The Thinker and The Flash season 4 will continue its streak of strong episodes.

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The midseason finale of The Flash airs tonight at 8pm EST on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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