The Flash Reveals Gorilla City Leader Solovar in New Images


Since Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) first appeared as a simple Central City CSI tech in Arrow season 2 and spun off into his own series on The Flash, the Scarlet Speedster has faced all kinds of villains. The Flash kicked off with the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion that gifted Barry with his super-speed - and had the nasty side effect of creating all manner of metahumans as well. Over the past three seasons, The Flash has faced off with metahumans like Tar Pit, Rainbow Raider, King Shark and Weather Wizard - among others - but one fan-favorite villain is the hyper-intelligent, psychic gorilla named Grodd (voiced by David Sobolov).

Last fans saw of Gorilla Grodd in The Flash, Barry and his team sent the hyper-intelligent ape to live on Earth-2, where a group of similar creatures had created their own civilization - known to fans of DC Comics as Gorilla City. However, the final scene in the most recent episode of The Flash featured Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) arriving on Earth-1 and announcing Gorilla Grodd had kidnapped her father, Earth-2 Harrison - or Harry, as his friends call him - Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Now, new images from The Flash reveal one of the DC Comics characters Barry and his friends will encounter while on Earth-2.


The CW [h/t CBR] released new images from the upcoming episode of The Flash, titled 'Attack on Gorilla City' that feature DC Comics' Solovar, a hyper-intelligent ape that serves as the benevolent king of Gorilla City and is a nemesis to the more villainous Grodd. On The Flash, Solovar will be voiced by Keith David. Take a look at the images:

The CW previously released a batch of photos from 'Attack on Gorilla City' that didn't include images of either Solovar or Grodd himself. While Grodd will look much the same as he did in his previous appearance, 'Gorilla Warfare' in season 2, now we get a chance to see how The Flash will adapt Solovar from the comics. Considering these photos, The Flash will feature Solovar's all-white appearance similar to the version of the character in the DC animated universe, rather than his darker fur with white accents as seen in the comics. Plus, in the second image of Solovar, he appears to be carrying a shield, hinting at the weaponry available in Gorilla City.


That said, it's unclear how Solovar will fit into the storyline of The Flash's 'Attack on Gorilla City' or whether he'll appear in the second half of the show's Grodd-focused arc, 'Attack on Central City'. In the comics, Solovar and The Flash have formed alliances in order to help each other defeat Gorilla Grodd, but it appears their relationship may be more antagonistic in The CW's universe. Still, although we now know what Solovar will look like on The Flash, we don't know whether he'll eventually befriend the Earth-1 speedster - he could even offer his help in saving Harry and defeating Grodd. For now, fans will have to wait to learn more about Solovar until The Flash returns next week with 'Attack on Gorilla City'.

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The Flash continues Tuesday, February 21 with ‘Attack on Gorilla City’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW [via CBR]

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