The Flash Heads to Earth-2 in ‘Attack On Gorilla City’ Photos

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Ever since The Flash introduced one of the Scarlet Speedsters' greatest foes, Gorilla Grodd, onto TV, fans have been clamoring for the super-intelligent Gorilla's return. Since then, he's reappeared a handful of times and proven to be quite the match for Team Flash. Along with King Shark, Grodd marks one of the more bizarre aspects of Flash lore, and his inclusion on the series proved the producers of the Arrowverse weren't afraid to make comic book fans' dreams come true. Arrow may have magic, Legends of Tomorrow may have time travel, and Supergirl may regularly mix it up with aliens, but a giant, talking ape shames them all.

The last time we saw Grodd, he was dispatched to Earth-2 where Harry told Team Flash and the audience that there was an entire city of smart gorillas. Grodd seemingly ended up there, as the tag of the episode teased Gorilla City, the apes' hidden home deep in the heart of Africa. In the past few months, we learned that Flash would once again be going up against Grodd, and today we finally got a promo for the upcoming action. Thanks to a new batch of photos, we also know Team Flash is immediately going to run into trouble.

The images come courtesy of ComingSoon, and show Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian in quite the predicament upon their arrival in the upcoming two-parter, 'Attack on Gorilla City'. Take a look:

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Though the images don't reveal much besides Julian returning to his Indiana Jones cosplay, they do show that the gang will find themselves locked up upon their arrival in Gorilla City. Perhaps Solovar, who will be played by veteran actor Keith David, can help them out. In the comics, he's the leader of Gorilla City and much more altruistic than Grodd. Either way, there's some crazy things from the comics we want to see on The Flash and Gorilla City is at the top.

Though the Flash is still primarily concerned with stopping Savitar from killing Iris, it's good to see the show will pit him against some other villains. Aside from Grodd, he'll be joining forces with Supergirl to tackle Music Meister soon. There's also the threat of Black Flash over on Legends, who could set his sights on Barry at some point. All told, we're in for an exciting back half of the season.

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The Flash season 3 continues in two weeks on February 21st with ‘Attack On Gorilla City’ @ 8 pm on The CW.

Source: ComingSoon

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