The Flash 'Attack on Gorilla City' Video Previews Gladiator Fight


[SPOILERS for those not caught up on The Flash ahead.]


Priority number one for Barry on The Flash has been to save Iris from death at the hands of Savitar, a gruesome looming future our hero glimpsed during a jump in time. The lives of Team Flash are never simple enough to focus on one thing at a time, however, and episode "Untouchable" ended with the abrupt arrival of Jesse Quick (Violett Beane), asking for help to save her father.

This will be no easy task, even for a group of super-geniuses and metahumans. Apparently Harry Wells got an invitation to meet up with the sentient gorillas in their very own city on Earth-2, and the scientist just couldn't pass up the opportunity. But he's been captured by Grodd, the vengeful meta-gorilla that The Flash banished to Earth-2's Gorilla City, and Jesse is hoping her Earth-1 friends can help rescue her dad.

We've already seen some cool photos and a few trailers for the episode, showing Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and the safari-garbed Julian getting immediately captured and placed in cells. The latest featurette from The CW, which you can watch above, features executive producer Aaron Helbing and adds a little more detail about what will happen to Team Flash in Gorilla City.

We see that once again Grodd is using his psychic abilities to control a human, and this time he's speaking through Harry. Helbing adds that Grodd is also dampening the team's meta powers, thus making it impossible to escape. Barry learns he's to be "executed" in a unique way, but as Helbing explains it, this bad news for Barry is good news for fans:


"We're going to do a Flash gladiator fight, in an arena full of screaming gorillas. It might be the greatest thing I've ever seen on television."

It looks like doing battle in an arena isn't all our heroes will have to contend with. The official synopsis for part one of "Attack on Gorilla City" states that Grodd wants Team Flash's help preventing the city's leader, Solovar (voiced by Keith David), from invading Earth-1. The description of part two, however, places Grodd's army of attacking gorillas on Earth-1, so it sounds like there will be some deception and unclear motivations that Barry and his friends will have to sort out as they try to save themselves, Harry, and -- as usual, all of Earth-1.


The Flash returns February 21 with ‘Attack On Gorilla City’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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