The Flash Maps Out The Arrowverse's Entire Multiverse

Flash Multiverse

A map for the entire known multiverse was revealed on The Flash, making the impending Crisis even more real for the heroes. Still grappling with The Monitor's revelation that he must die in order to stop what's coming, Barry Allen immediately set off in search of a second opinion. His first attempt at such was made via his usually trusted time-travel abilities. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the titular speedster found his way blocked by a wall comprised of anti-matter. Injured by his attempts to breach it, The Flash was forced to retreat. Returning home, he was instructed by Gideon that he needed the assistance of an expert in the field. Thankfully, he already knew one personally: Jay Garrick of Earth-3.

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Venturing to meet with Garrick (as well as a newly introduced doppelgänger of his deceased mother), Barry prepared himself for another lecture on the perils of time-travel. No such thing came, however. Instead, Barry was greeted with a succession of even more troubling information. According to Earth-3's speedster scientist, he had been detecting anti-matter signatures all across the multiverse for the last year. He hadn't been unable to ascertain the source of the anomaly, but he had been able to design an algorithm to track it and determine how much of a threat it poses. Using this method, Garrick had also been able to map the Arrowverse's multiverse to a hitherto unseen degree.

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Showing the map to Barry, it offered a mixture of new and familiar details. Earth-38 - the setting for Supergirl and the home of Tyler Hoechlin's soon-to-be-returning Superman - was prominently listed. As was the Earth that Sherloque Wells calls home. Even the Breacher Agency (the organization created by Danny Trejo's Breacher and overseen by Cisco's former love, Gypsy) was referenced. Among the notable new details included between Earth-1 and Earth-898 was mention of a previously destroyed Earth and another with a black X scrawled over it - possibly denoting Earth-90, which collapsed as part of The Monitor's tests in Elseworlds. There was also a universe designated an unknown Earth. And there was a mention of Thaddeus Brown - who comic fans will know as Mister Miracle. In the comics, the character even has a hand in training a young Bruce Wayne as he worked his way toward becoming Batman. A glimpse at the extensive map can be seen in the space below:

The Flash Full Multiverse Map

It remains to be seen just much will play into Crisis on Infinite Earths. Jay's math, however, proves indisputable as the episode rolls on. Able to eventually send his consciousness past the anti-matter barrier and into the future, Barry witnesses over a billion different timelines - all but one of which ends in widespread death. For eagle-eyed viewers, it also seeded the devastation that would come in the closing moments of Arrow's premiere episode. The map predicts a wave of anti-matter heading to Earth-2. Oliver Queen happens to be present when that prediction comes to fruition and that Earth is wiped out - taking some surprising casualties with it.

Understandably, the specifics of "Crisis on Infinite Earth"  are being kept firmly under wraps with Marvel-esque spoiler protections. Still, the map really hammers home the epic scale of the threat caused by Anti-Monitor and just how much is at stake. After all, it's one thing to abstractly hear of alternate Earths but wholly another to see just how many have been distinctly mapped out, each bearing a signature that makes them unique. As to which of the Earths will fall and which will ultimately be saved, fans will merely have to wait and see. They will, however, no doubt be on the edge of their seat in hope that the heroes of The Flash and the other shows will be able to at least save the undetermined vegan dishes and all the great tequila of Earth 19 and Earth-18, respectively.

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