'The Flash' & 'Arrow' Stars Battle in 'Superhero Fight Club' Promo

Arrow Flash Superhero Fight Club Promo Video

As proof that even the most serious times in a comic book superhero's life can hold some humor, The CW has rolled out a brand new promo to celebrate the launch of both The Flash and Arrow's final episodes of the season. The trailers and promo videos released already show that the stakes are only going higher in this race to the finish - meaning the shows' casts are in even greater need of letting of some steam.

Every DC Comics fan is sure to have their favorite heroes or villains in the TV universe, but they're all here - Arsenal, Canary, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Firestorm, and even Ra's al Ghul and the Reverse-Flash - to show that the top priority for the writers, producers, and the fans is to have some fun. They're comic book characters, after all.

Seeing the mix of heroes and villains will have fans wishing for yet another crossover, and although one is on the way (looking to be even bigger and better than any before) before the shows' respective seasons end, The CW isn't intent on keeping their biggest events a secret, seeming to reveal nearly all of them ahead of time.

Arrow Flash Superhero Fight Club Promo Video

The laughs and cheers brought on by seeing the villains (and Firestorm) return to show a lighter side, despite the 'Thunderdome' setting, may be exactly what's needed if The Flash's season ends on a darker note, or Oliver Queen accepts the offer of leading the League of Assassins in his own finale.

Even with so much revealed or teased, it's hard to know what lies ahead in the shared universe. For The Flash, so many events and plot twists have taken audiences by surprised, a permanent state of uncertainty is now the norm. For Arrow, teases of a character's death before season's end, and Stephen Amell's promise that Arrow will be fundamentally changed going forward adds its own tension.

It's sad to think, but this may be the last time audiences seem every one of the existing heroes and villains in one place. We doubt it, however, as the new network spinoff looms with mysteries and promises of its own - and the attitude of fun above all else among the writers and producers is made perfectly clear by their 'Superhero Fight Club.'

What are your hopes for the final episodes of both The Flash and Arrow's seasons? Are you looking forward to an even more dangerous Rogues team up, or possibly a "Flashpoint" finale? For Arrow, are you happy to hear that the show will be taking a different course after three seasons on the air? Sound off in the comments.

Both The Flash and Arrow return this week, airing Tuesdays and Wednesdays @8pm on The CW.

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