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Black(?) Canary

Arrow Black Canary Return Spinoff

Finally, we arrive at the questions surrounding the confirmation that Caity Lotz would return for the spinoff series - in spite of her Arrow fate. But with Sara Lance already dead and buried, reports of her involvement begged the obvious question: would she be reprising her role as Sara Lance/Canary, or an entirely new character within the DC Comics universe? The strange - but entirely possible answer - is... both.

Early word that a time traveler was joining the cast offered one solution, perhaps following Sara Lance before her untimely end on Arrow, or even taking place in an alternate timeline. After all, if Eobard Thawne hadn't messed with history, Barry Allen wouldn't have been around to save Oliver Queen's life, perhaps leaving Sara unscathed. But as is often the case, the most obvious solution is likely the right one.

Arrow Lazarus Pit Sara Lance Canary

Since Arrow provided the audience with some not-so-subtle hints about the real age of Ra's al Ghul (Matt Nable), we've theorized (like many comic fans) that the real powers of the Lazarus Pit would come into play. Yet when Oliver Queen seemed in need of its restorative properties, he was healed without it. Later, when trying to convince Oliver to become his successor, Ra's once again demonstrated its abilities, able to prolong life and heal wounds in seconds.

As it seems more than likely that a Lazarus Pit payoff is being built towards, the dedication of Nyssa al Ghul to her fallen beloved, Sara Lance, and the deteriorating relationship between her and Ra's may be the answer. There could be several  Lazarus Pits in the DC Comics mythology, but they all have their limits: they can sustain a life over time, but if used to resurrect one, they will be drained completely.

It's possible that her father's betrayal leads Nyssa to kill two birds with one stone: bring her beloved back from the dead, and end the legacy of Ra's once and for all. But the Sara that emerges from the waters may not be the one audiences - or Sara's allies - have known to this point.

Black Canary Arrow Return

It's the double-edged sword of defying death in DC's universe: when a good soul enters the Pit, a tortured, broken one may emerge, often with little grasp of the person they were before. It should come as little surprise, then, that reports have been appearing online of Caity Lotz being seen on the show's set dressed all in white; a far cry from her black-clad Canary costume.

And if the biggest question for fans is how to return Sara Lance, but keep her separated from her past acquaintances, then a new identity (or a chance to erase her old one) could also be the solution. If Sara were to return as a clean slate - a White Canary, perhaps - then the writers would have the opportunity to return a well-received actress in a new part - while keeping her past intact.

Arrow Flash Spinoff White Canary

It may seem an odd theory, or perhaps too much of stretch for some. But given that Sara Lance was an original creation, and DC's 'White Canary' was only a minor villain with little backstory, it's not the most outlandish explanation for Lotz's return that we've heard.


Arrow Flash Spinoff Show Premiere 2016

Those are the details and potential story beats that we've been able to assemble or speculate upon, though the exact circumstances that bring these disparate characters together are still up for discussion. Would you be happy to see the Lazarus Pit to return a brand new take on Sara Lance? Do you have any suspicions about Robbie Amell's absence to this point?

Be sure to add them in the comments, and we'll keep you updated as more rumors or official releases arrive.

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The untitled Flash/Arrow spinoff is expected to premiere next during the 2015-2016 midseason.

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